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Name: Verna Cole Mitchell 
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Articles written: 345

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As a "preacher's kid" who attended Christian colleges, my life has been blessed by spiritual influence. Blessed, too, has been my family life with loving husband, children, and grandchildren. An additional blessing has been my life's work, teaching English in secondary school. Along with all these blessings has been my greatest blessing--God's presence with me in good times and in bad. Since retiring, I've worked at editing and have three books of poetry (inspirational, humorous, and personal) published and one book of childhood memories--all available on amazon. I count it a joy to write for God's glory and am thankful for the opportunities available through Faith Writers.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
02/07/13 The Good Shepherd 385 Free to Share
12/17/12 A Letter to Jesus 415 Free to Share
10/27/10 I Taste the Grace 770 Free to Share
08/23/10 Perchance to Dream 765 Free to Share
06/26/10 Bedtime Story 790 Not For Sale
04/25/09 Your God Has Not Forsaken You 1053 Free to Share
07/10/08 Window Watching 835 Free to Share
07/10/08 Faith Writer That's What I Am 812 Free to Share
06/17/08 Overheard in the Family Home 865 Free to Share
03/08/08 The Light Ahead of the Darkness 1007 Free to Share
12/12/07 College Choir Snapshot Album 1341 Free to Share
12/12/07 A Heavenly Robe 1077 Free to Share
12/12/07 Bluebirds, Old Dogs, and Mollusks 1027 Free to Share
07/08/07 This I Believe 1193 Free to Share
06/26/07 Kaleidoscope 1409 Free to Share
06/24/07 Awesome Silence 1224 Free to Share
06/19/07 God's Love 1028 Free to Share
06/16/07 No Charge 1043 Free to Share
05/30/07 Fall Feast 1295 For Sale
05/19/07 Oregon Trails 1153 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
01/27/16 Shells of Family Memories
01/12/16 The Secret of Resolution
12/09/15 Completely out of Steam
12/02/15 All in a Stew over Stew
11/17/15 Still God
11/11/15 To Diet or Not--Note to Self
11/02/15 Winter's Will
10/14/15 The Fold All In
10/07/15 If Only
08/31/15 Check Out to Check In
08/10/15 Worth the Wait
08/05/15 A Big Decision
07/19/15 Traveling West
07/13/15 A Most Unattractive Tourist
07/07/15 Canadian Road Trip
06/10/15 My Guardian Angels
06/03/15 How Can It Be?
05/26/15 My Surety
05/12/15 May This Be
05/04/15 Worship in My Garden
04/29/15 Fear Not
04/22/15 Too Many to Count
04/14/15 The Rose, the Tree, and the Mountain
04/03/15 Still
03/16/15 A Prayer to My Heavenly Father
03/10/15 Hope for a Brighter Day
03/03/15 God Is Present
02/18/15 The Green-eyed Monster Gets His Due
02/12/15 The Sin Knot
02/03/15 Oh That Little Nan!
01/25/15 I Wouldn't Say I'm Greedy
01/11/15 To Sleep--Perchance
12/03/14 You Are Not Alone
11/23/14 Her Heart
11/10/14 Ahh Jamaica
11/04/14 The Gift
10/25/14 The Stalker
10/20/14 A Fairy Guest
10/06/14 Just like Sonja Henie
09/16/14 Extraordinary Love and Grace
09/11/14 Enemies—or Not
09/03/14 A Broken Treasure
08/27/14 Delusions of Safe Keeping
08/13/14 Marital Advice from Nursery Rhymes
08/06/14 Blessings, Right and Left
07/29/14 How's Our Talk?
07/13/14 Friends That Meet but Briefly
05/28/14 Sharing with My Best Friend
05/22/14 I Am Amazed
05/14/14 The Little Lambs
05/07/14 A Fashion Mess
04/30/14 Disconnect to Reconnect
04/23/14 Problems in the Land of Freedom and Plenty
04/09/14 Reaching the Top
03/12/14 Venturing Deeper
03/05/14 The Children Gone
02/27/14 The Fabulous Fudge Cake
02/12/14 I Just Couldn't Do It
02/06/14 My Husband's Arms
01/27/14 The Shawl
01/15/14 He Did
01/06/14 The Unseen Presence
12/10/13 The Quarrel
12/04/13 Their First Year
11/27/13 Beware
11/19/13 The Horse Said It
11/12/13 Fishbowl of the World
11/07/13 For Sure
10/24/13 Not Exactly What I Said
10/16/13 The Trouble with Curiosity
10/05/13 The Littlest Black Sheep
09/16/13 A Really Big Exam
09/12/13 The Master Artist
08/27/13 Survival
08/21/13 Exhale with Happiness—or Not
08/14/13 Plain Old Me
07/24/13 A Word to Myself
07/13/13 The Unbearable Dream
06/11/13 The Earth Is Humming
06/05/13 A Thump Thump Thump
05/28/13 Don't Let Me Whine
05/20/13 When Bells Are Ringing Just for You
05/15/13 Fixing the Rattle
05/01/13 Dripping Dripping Dripping
04/17/13 Choo Choo Choo
04/09/13 Splash into Poetry
03/06/13 Ties Ties Ties
02/27/13 My Not-So-Foreign Accent
02/14/13 A Note from the Teacher
02/05/13 The Umbrella Staff
01/30/13 Tweet Tweet
01/22/13 A-rest These Phrases!
01/16/13 The Measure of God's Greatness
01/09/13 The Chap Who Lives in a Flat
12/05/12 Lessons from the Bible
11/29/12 Prayer of a Rose in Bloom
11/18/12 Time Is . . .
10/30/12 A Lesson Well Learned
10/22/12 The Cup I Carry
10/17/12 Blessed Be His Name
10/10/12 Betty and Billy and Bobby and Me
09/05/12 Food for Thought
08/29/12 Aah, Sweet Kisses
08/21/12 Gabby Groceries
08/15/12 Feast of Promises
08/07/12 Bossy Bird
07/26/12 A Taste to Savor
07/19/12 Picture of a Queen
07/10/12 A Picnic Breakfast
06/12/12 Forever Sentry
06/07/12 God Knows
06/03/12 God Knows
05/28/12 Hum Along with Me
05/21/12 A Job to Die for
05/16/12 Renowned
05/08/12 Weary Dreams
05/01/12 Foretaste
04/24/12 A Duck Tale
04/17/12 Creator's Concert Trio
04/10/12 The Moon on Holiday
03/13/12 I Did It!
03/05/12 Amid Every Quandary
01/25/12 Quarrel of the Piano Keys
01/15/12 An Embarrassment of Blessings
01/09/12 A Jewel to Cherish
12/06/11 Would You Be His Friend?
11/15/11 Spam I Am (With Apologies to Dr. Seuss)
10/29/11 Did She Really Say That?
10/14/11 How Many Miles to Cincinnati?
09/15/11 I Thought I Could, I Thought I Could
09/07/11 That All May Know
08/30/11 Where Great Hope Lies
08/24/11 Know-It-All
08/07/11 The Earnestness I Seek
08/03/11 Such a Fuss for Nothing
07/26/11 It's a Crime
07/17/11 Road to Paradise
07/09/11 Peace Triumphant
06/14/11 His Survey
06/05/11 The Tree and Me--Destined from Above
05/30/11 No Ticket Necessary
05/23/11 Jealousy Is for the Birds
05/17/11 Picture of Persistence
05/10/11 A Celebration to Remember
05/04/11 Life's Blowouts
04/25/11 He's Really Outstanding
04/18/11 Handout Hodgepodge
04/11/11 Outbreak of Praise and Adoration
03/14/11 A Gloryland Eternity
03/06/11 Regret
03/02/11 Consuming Time
02/21/11 One Hundred Years Lived Well
02/15/11 Weeks in the Journey of Life
02/08/11 Climb Aboard the Old Stagecoach
02/01/11 Simon's Soliloquy
01/24/11 It All Started with That First Date
01/18/11 Lady Springtime
01/10/11 Rare Gems of Recollection
12/20/10 Say What?
12/13/10 No Foreign Tongue
12/07/10 The Fool Has Said in His Heart
11/30/10 Supplication
11/22/10 Hold That Phone
11/16/10 Single Headline
11/09/10 Words on Walls
11/02/10 Gertrude the Gossiper
10/25/10 My Life in Letters
10/11/10 Suppertime in Heaven
09/06/10 Being Superman
08/29/10 Conchita the Contortionist
08/24/10 Drawing a Sigh
08/17/10 Danger without Discernment
08/08/10 Was Summer Made for Barefoot Boys?
08/02/10 A Silent Symphony
07/25/10 Sunrise Promise
07/18/10 I Taste the Grace
07/11/10 Will You Still Hear Me Call Your Name?
06/15/10 The Eternal Optimist
06/05/10 Muse Lost in the Library
05/28/10 Monologue of the Merciless Editor
05/22/10 Go for a Dip
05/17/10 Amalgam
05/09/10 Because of His Great Love
05/02/10 A Feast of Manuscripts
04/25/10 A Tincture of Writer's Craft
04/17/10 See Him There
04/13/10 Rosetta's Dilemma
03/16/10 Cloud Paintings by Artist Almighty
03/05/10 Hmph...Such Inconsiderate People
03/02/10 Scaredy Cat
02/23/10 Don't Frighten the Pansies
02/07/10 Ohhh...It Hurts Just Thinking about It
01/30/10 We Should Have Named Her Grrr
01/25/10 A Bargain--Huh
01/17/10 Oops...I Slipped and Fell Again
01/09/10 Can You Feel My Pain
12/06/09 Sing, Redbird, Sing a Song of Grace
11/29/09 Confessions of a Chocoholic
11/23/09 What If an Orange Wasn't Orange
11/17/09 Cat in a Yellow Hat
11/08/09 Prunella's Purple Ponderings
11/02/09 I Like White
10/27/09 Francina's Green Fever
10/20/09 Michaela's Black, Black Hair
10/11/09 Somewhere Beyond the Blue
10/07/09 Red Red Red
09/15/09 A book in Invisible Ink
09/06/09 Birthday Parties Every Day and Christmas without Stop
08/30/09 Twilight of the Seasons
08/24/09 A Mother's Blessing
08/18/09 Old Man Winter
08/02/09 Not Me--No Sirree
07/26/09 A Ride in the Country
07/20/09 Inquiring Mind
07/06/09 Sophia's Movie
06/08/09 Renaissance
05/25/09 The Monster under the Bed
05/18/09 Prayer of Praise and Petition
05/11/09 God's Good Purposes
05/05/09 In Motion by God's Hand
04/26/09 A Little Soft Sell and a Hard Bargain
04/17/09 The Tortoise and the Hare...Revisited
04/10/09 And God Smiled
04/06/09 A Christian Primer
03/14/09 Garden in My Heart
03/09/09 Beat...Beat...Beat
02/23/09 In Apostle Paul's Footsteps
02/16/09 Sing a Song of India
02/08/09 Let's Go to Machu Picchu
02/01/09 The Cumulus Brothers' Great Adventure
01/26/09 Grandparents--Great, Great, and Beyond
01/17/09 Poor Old Tasmanian Devil
01/12/09 Pictures in the Heart
12/09/08 What the Manger Holds
11/24/08 A Family Christmas
11/15/08 One Giant Step
11/08/08 Secretary Bride
11/02/08 The Lights (With a Tip of the Hat to "The Bells" by Edgar Allen Poe)
10/26/08 Fear Not
10/20/08 Won't You Have a Cookie?
10/11/08 Come Husband Dear
10/04/08 Christmas without Papa
09/16/08 It's a Frog's Life
08/30/08 Truth Is
08/25/08 Amanda Ant
08/16/08 Growing Old Charade
08/09/08 Nature at Play
08/04/08 The Lord's My Bridge
07/27/08 A Concentration of Gifts
07/22/08 The Telephone Speaks
07/11/08 He Remembered to Forget
06/02/08 If Walls Could Talk
05/26/08 Elizabeth's Blessing
05/18/08 Bad Dog Pasquale
05/09/08 The In-Law Test
05/04/08 Guess Who
04/28/08 Blessed To Be a Mother
04/12/08 Not Like Other Daddies
04/07/08 Be Young with Me
03/08/08 Miranda Ant
02/22/08 Sweet Mary Makes Up Her Mind
02/18/08 If Only They'd Not Left
02/09/08 Missile Biscuits and Fried Hens
02/02/08 Fowl Play
01/24/08 Little Girl Dreams
01/18/08 Mother Gets It Right
01/12/08 A Sad, Sad Saga of Dissatisfaction
01/06/08 First Things First
12/07/07 Where Is the Church?
11/30/07 I Betcha
11/23/07 So Tell Me Dad
11/17/07 Sower and Shepherd
11/02/07 Glory to God in the Highest
10/27/07 Jimmy Got What?
10/20/07 A Baptized Cat--Imagine That
10/04/07 Oh Come with Me
09/07/07 Surprised by Grace (iv)
08/31/07 Into the Lions' Den
08/24/07 Viola Violet--A Children's Poem
08/17/07 SURETY
08/03/07 Furious
07/30/07 His Heart Is Sad
07/22/07 We'll Have These Moments to Remember
07/14/07 Of Kings and Prophets and Brave Men
07/05/07 A Senior's Lament
06/07/07 JUST A TEEN
05/31/07 The Little Red Car
05/25/07 Now That Is a Great Adventure!
05/17/07 Cloud Creations
05/11/07 HOPE-ITS
04/27/07 Lessons from the Children
04/20/07 Swept off My Feet--I Don't Think So!
04/14/07 Oh My, Oh Me, Oh Vanity!
04/07/07 More Than Enough
03/10/07 God's Music
03/02/07 Penniless
02/22/07 I Wonder
02/15/07 Just Ingest
02/09/07 A Craftswoman Am I Not
02/01/07 Homework Miracle
01/25/07 Shivering and Shuddering
01/20/07 An Artist--Sort of
01/13/07 If I Only Had a Gift
01/04/07 What's Cooking with You?
12/07/06 They Also Serve
12/04/06 Gift of Love
11/25/06 I'll Volunteer My Heart
11/18/06 Remembering a Loving Parent
11/11/06 Lifeguard Me!
11/03/06 The Greatest Healer
10/26/06 From a Teacher's Journal
10/20/06 Missionaries' Photo Album
10/14/06 Have You Prayed?
10/06/06 Fire-starter--Fire-keeper
09/01/06 Along the River Road
08/25/06 My Life Has Been a Melody
08/17/06 Without the Cross
08/12/06 Not Your Regular Folksong
08/05/06 If I Could See As God Sees
07/24/06 Choices
07/15/06 What Is It? (ii)
07/12/06 Great Is Our God

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
02/11/2011 Simon's Soliloquy
11/06/2008 Fear Not
12/17/2007 Just Ingest
10/24/2007 Brimful of Thanksgiving
04/04/2007 What Would I Do?
04/04/2007 Before the Beginning of Time
03/08/2007 Keep Me in the Center of Your Will
03/08/2007 I Worship
03/08/2007 Where is Joseph?
03/08/2007 A Sweet Aroma
03/08/2007 The Bible Speaks of Bread
03/08/2007 Treasure
03/08/2007 Family
03/08/2007 Elisha and the Widow Woman
03/08/2007 Searching for Jesus
03/08/2007 Remember Jordan
03/08/2007 Values Lesson
03/08/2007 A House of Faith
02/28/2007 Sunset Meditation
09/29/2006 Faith to Move Mountains
09/29/2006 Too Dark
09/29/2006 Ezra