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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: lynn gipson 
Website: www.faithwriters.com/member-profile.php?id=57394
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Articles written: 269

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Four years ago, I joined Faithwriters via Google, hoping to somehow become a writer. Today, I am not only a writer but a paid editor. I had no prior experience as either, and barely made it out of high school, and now I happier than I've ever been in my life. As a cancer survivor of six years now, I became a born again Christian one night in a hospital bed, where physicians offered little hope of living out the year. Six years later, I am very much alive, only through the grace of God, and also through my new career doing something I dearly love. God put upon my heart the desire, and directed me to this wonderful site. Thank you Faithwriters, and thank you JESUS!
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
08/01/14 Have Mercy 148 Not For Sale
07/16/14 Deliver Me 143 For Sale
07/09/14 Tears of Worship 128 For Sale
06/22/14 Street Evangelism 150 Not For Sale
04/12/14 Cyber Church 207 Not For Sale
03/22/14 God's Pencils 188 For Sale
03/22/14 The Lord Is 150 For Sale
03/22/14 Would That I 163 For Sale
03/22/14 Mercy Sweet 166 For Sale
02/22/14 Pastel Answers 166 For Sale
02/18/14 A Home For Christian Writers Great Contests 272 Free to Share
01/09/14 Made in the Shade 169 For Sale
01/03/14 Feeling Faithful 293 For Sale
12/09/13 A Love Stroll 166 For Sale
12/09/13 Mercy Sweet 162 For Sale
12/02/13 Jesus Is For Real 251 Not For Sale
12/01/13 Gratitude of Gold 183 For Sale
11/22/13 I Weep For You 203 For Sale
11/01/13 A Girl Rises 268 For Sale
10/19/13 How God Provides For This Bird In The Air 441 Not For Sale
08/17/13 Oh My Dear Lord 241 Not For Sale
08/01/13 My Rambling Prayer 234 Not For Sale
07/07/13 Sunday Kind of Love 263 Not For Sale
07/07/13 Friend of Mine 345 Not For Sale
06/20/13 Uncertainty of Life 278 For Sale
04/10/13 Eyes on the Prize 329 Not For Sale
03/27/13 Found 281 Not For Sale
03/24/13 Soul Writer 290 Not For Sale
03/23/13 Life Changes, Christ Remains 444 Not For Sale
03/22/13 What Souls Believe 264 Not For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
05/20/15 Little Man, Big Heart
05/12/15 Born Again
05/06/15 Precious Hour
04/30/15 The Lord is my Rock
04/22/15 Blessed
04/14/15 He Stood For You
04/05/15 Fathoms Deep
03/17/15 He Is Love
03/11/15 Heartfelt Heavenly Hope
03/01/15 You Just Gotta Have It
02/24/15 A Mother's Deadly Sin
02/13/15 She
02/10/15 I've Been There
02/03/15 Confessions of a Slob
01/28/15 The Price Greed Pays
01/21/15 Glutton for God
01/15/15 Life Longs
12/11/14 Sad Predestination
12/02/14 An Awesome God
11/23/14 From Dances to Faith
11/12/14 St. Simons Island
11/04/14 Four Irish Friends
10/26/14 Hapeville Horror
10/20/14 Good Wishing Witches
10/14/14 Tattered Coveralls
10/04/14 Mark
09/15/14 Sinner Like Me
09/03/14 Granny's Teas
08/27/14 Hearts Unlocked
08/18/14 Procon
08/09/14 Harry Loves Maude
08/04/14 The Right Side
07/25/14 Frosty Locks
07/23/14 Olden Ways
07/16/14 Two Sisters
06/10/14 Chicken Copping Cupid
06/03/14 Home Coming
05/27/14 Phoebe and Peanut
05/20/14 A Face In a Case of Corruption
05/13/14 Thank God, Miss Ellen, and Greyhound!
05/05/14 Bottom of a Bottle
04/29/14 Computers Anonymous?
04/23/14 Greed and Need
04/16/14 What Happened?
04/09/14 Rest In Peaceful Mornings
03/11/14 Seeking Shallow Waters
03/03/14 Game Over
02/25/14 And the Winner Is...!
02/19/14 Culpepper' s Pond
02/11/14 An Open Road
02/03/14 Sister Strong
01/27/14 Sarah Smiles
01/17/14 When Hearts Meet God's Will
01/10/14 Neverending Nights-He Lives!
01/05/14 Lullaby Prayers
12/08/13 Fury Unleashed
12/03/13 Those Kind of People
11/25/13 Like Jack Devlin
11/16/13 The Truth About the Watermelon
11/10/13 God's Wake Up Call
11/06/13 Ice Cream Dreams
10/30/13 Just To Fit In
10/20/13 Barking in Fear
10/13/13 What Was That Wild Thing?
10/08/13 Baa Baa
09/17/13 Examine My Soul
09/11/13 There Once Was A Man
09/02/13 Something Extra
08/27/13 My Heart to God
08/20/13 Exhaling Divorce
08/11/13 Exotic Eve
08/06/13 No Expiration Date
07/29/13 Perfect Example
07/23/13 Heaven's Expansion
07/14/13 Faith's Expectation
06/09/13 Those Amazing Hummers
06/04/13 Naughty Thumper
05/28/13 For Crying Out Loud
05/21/13 Mary's Bells
05/15/13 Freedom Rattled
05/05/13 Faith On Fire
04/30/13 Heavenly Drips
04/21/13 Because I Love You
04/15/13 Bless Me Now
04/07/13 Dad Must Have Been Ugly
03/11/13 Stranger on the Subway
03/03/13 Andy's Surprise
02/25/13 Long Distance Information
02/18/13 Imprisoned Hearts
02/11/13 A Note and a Prayer
02/04/13 They All Laugh
01/26/13 Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
01/19/13 I'll Carry You
01/12/13 Infinite Soul
01/09/13 Tiger Paw
12/09/12 Rudolph the Game Changer
12/02/12 I'm Walking Now, Jesus!
11/24/12 Blossom, My Rose
11/19/12 Six Hours of Eternity
11/13/12 This Old Computer
11/07/12 The Crinoline Dress
10/30/12 Jesus Loves Me!
10/21/12 A Bitter Chalice
10/16/12 Of a Good Shepherd's Blessings
10/08/12 My Humorous Sense
09/09/12 One Flew Over the Barbeque Pit
09/04/12 Mama Mia!
08/29/12 Fabulous Friends
08/20/12 Follow My Lead
08/13/12 Cajun's Money
08/06/12 Share a Piece of My Bread
07/29/12 Are You Hungry?
07/23/12 What a Fine Stew I'm In!
07/17/12 Wood Burning Granny
07/06/12 Ocean Feast
06/12/12 We of Little Trust
06/07/12 A Sunday Kind of Love
06/03/12 A Sunday Kind of Love
05/24/12 Am I good enough?
05/19/12 What Kind Of Life?
05/11/12 Infamy, Fame, and Glory
05/04/12 Two Runaways and a Hippie
04/29/12 My Cup Runneth Over
04/20/12 Ildeth
04/13/12 Three Strands Are Not Easily Torn Apart
04/06/12 Holy Day

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
05/13/12 Genesee and the Fearful Bear
05/08/12 The Officer and the Hobo
04/21/12 Losing Julie
04/20/12 His Mysterious Ways
04/20/12 Always, Never, Seldom
04/18/12 The Least of these My Brethens
04/18/12 The Writer
04/17/12 Losing Julie

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
02/14/2013 They All Laugh
02/14/2013 Bride On Fire
02/05/2013 Blossom, My Rose
02/04/2013 I Don't Know Who I Am
12/11/2012 I Am Your Christ
12/10/2012 Survival Mode
12/01/2012 The Crinoline Dress
11/16/2012 The Cancer is Back
11/16/2012 Chains Around the Heart
11/09/2012 Jesus Loves Me!
10/24/2012 Prayer For Today
10/21/2012 The Greatest Physician
10/14/2012 Small Town Jesus
10/09/2012 Prayer For Renewal
09/27/2012 Any Other Time, Lord
09/25/2012 Shelter Me, Jesus
09/25/2012 Soul Shepherd
09/18/2012 Through a Child's Eyes
09/12/2012 White Horse Warrior
09/09/2012 Suffer the Children
09/09/2012 Road To Life
09/06/2012 Cajun's Money
09/04/2012 A Hardened Heart
09/02/2012 A Believer's Eyes
08/26/2012 One Tin Soldier
08/25/2012 Oh Lord, Thou Are!
08/21/2012 Share a Piece of My Bread
08/11/2012 Heavy Burdens
08/03/2012 My Cup Runneth Over
08/02/2012 Oh Lord, Thou Are!
07/30/2012 The Deep Soul of I Am
07/27/2012 Wood Burning Granny
07/27/2012 Ocean Feast
07/18/2012 Something Funny Happened
07/14/2012 Abandoned and Found
07/10/2012 Gentle Mother of Mine
07/10/2012 My Name Is Jacob
07/10/2012 Saved By Christ Eternally
07/07/2012 Grace is Calling
07/07/2012 Just Breathe! Said Jesus
07/03/2012 Courage To Call Home
07/03/2012 The Child Within Knows God
06/25/2012 My Destiny
06/24/2012 All a Big Joke?
06/20/2012 Walk Through the Garden
06/19/2012 A Message for You
06/19/2012 A Little Child Shall Lead
06/13/2012 Thank you Jesus for Fat Cat
06/12/2012 Angel Interrupted; A Story of Abortion
06/08/2012 Walls
06/06/2012 Since My Life Began
06/05/2012 Mississippi Mockingbird
06/04/2012 Three Strands
06/04/2012 Bondage
06/03/2012 Walk This Journey With Me Jesus
06/03/2012 Lord, Have Mercy on My Soul
06/03/2012 A Child Blessed
06/03/2012 Genesee and the Fearful Bear
06/03/2012 Change of Season
06/03/2012 Two Runaways and a Hippie
06/03/2012 The Officer and the Hobo
06/03/2012 From Iraq to Heaven
06/03/2012 Jesus Is In Control
06/01/2012 Just Come to Jesus
05/21/2012 Are You Talking To Me?
05/21/2012 Mercy Is Calling
05/15/2012 Blue Angels