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Name: lynn gipson 
Website: www.faithwriters.com/member-profile.php?id=57394
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Articles written: 253

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I have been with Faithwriters now for about a year now and my passion for writing has really taken off. I have lived many places in my life, but I guess I can honestly say Memphis, Tennessee is my hometown, having lived there longer than any place else. I have an amazing son and two beautiful little granddaughters. Now I have found my purpose in my writing and life is good. God has granted me extra years after curing my cancer. Now I write for Him. A year ago, I knew I had the stories, poems and articles in me, I just didn't know how to write them. I joined Faithwriters and now I am a published author of two short fiction stories with a non fiction story coming out this year. I have several poems out in print and in online magazines. My testimony is coming out very soon in the Faithwriters book "Trials and Triumphs". Thank you Faithwriters!
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
08/01/14 Have Mercy 107 Not For Sale
07/16/14 Deliver Me 108 For Sale
07/09/14 Tears of Worship 91 For Sale
06/22/14 Street Evangelism 102 Not For Sale
04/12/14 Cyber Church 152 Not For Sale
03/22/14 God's Pencils 142 For Sale
03/22/14 The Lord Is 122 For Sale
03/22/14 Would That I 127 For Sale
03/22/14 Mercy Sweet 123 For Sale
02/22/14 Pastel Answers 133 For Sale
02/18/14 A Home For Christian Writers Great Contests 192 Free to Share
01/09/14 Made in the Shade 136 For Sale
01/03/14 Feeling Faithful 234 For Sale
12/09/13 A Love Stroll 136 For Sale
12/09/13 Mercy Sweet 133 For Sale
12/02/13 Jesus Is For Real 212 Not For Sale
12/01/13 Gratitude of Gold 155 For Sale
11/22/13 I Weep For You 170 For Sale
11/01/13 A Girl Rises 222 For Sale
10/19/13 How God Provides For This Bird In The Air 338 Not For Sale
08/17/13 Oh My Dear Lord 196 Not For Sale
08/01/13 My Rambling Prayer 195 Not For Sale
07/07/13 Sunday Kind of Love 227 Not For Sale
07/07/13 Friend of Mine 297 Not For Sale
06/20/13 Uncertainty of Life 240 For Sale
04/10/13 Eyes on the Prize 289 Not For Sale
03/27/13 Found 241 Not For Sale
03/24/13 Soul Writer 245 Not For Sale
03/23/13 Life Changes, Christ Remains 379 Not For Sale
03/22/13 What Souls Believe 229 Not For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
01/15/15 Life Longs
12/11/14 Sad Predestination
12/02/14 An Awesome God
11/23/14 From Dances to Faith
11/12/14 St. Simons Island
11/04/14 Four Irish Friends
10/26/14 Hapeville Horror
10/20/14 Good Wishing Witches
10/14/14 Tattered Coveralls
10/04/14 Mark
09/15/14 Sinner Like Me
09/03/14 Granny's Teas
08/27/14 Hearts Unlocked
08/18/14 Procon
08/09/14 Harry Loves Maude
08/04/14 The Right Side
07/25/14 Frosty Locks
07/23/14 Olden Ways
07/16/14 Two Sisters
06/10/14 Chicken Copping Cupid
06/03/14 Home Coming
05/27/14 Phoebe and Peanut
05/20/14 A Face In a Case of Corruption
05/13/14 Thank God, Miss Ellen, and Greyhound!
05/05/14 Bottom of a Bottle
04/29/14 Computers Anonymous?
04/23/14 Greed and Need
04/16/14 What Happened?
04/09/14 Rest In Peaceful Mornings
03/11/14 Seeking Shallow Waters
03/03/14 Game Over
02/25/14 And the Winner Is...!
02/19/14 Culpepper' s Pond
02/11/14 An Open Road
02/03/14 Sister Strong
01/27/14 Sarah Smiles
01/17/14 When Hearts Meet God's Will
01/10/14 Neverending Nights-He Lives!
01/05/14 Lullaby Prayers
12/08/13 Fury Unleashed
12/03/13 Those Kind of People
11/25/13 Like Jack Devlin
11/16/13 The Truth About the Watermelon
11/10/13 God's Wake Up Call
11/06/13 Ice Cream Dreams
10/30/13 Just To Fit In
10/20/13 Barking in Fear
10/13/13 What Was That Wild Thing?
10/08/13 Baa Baa
09/17/13 Examine My Soul
09/11/13 There Once Was A Man
09/02/13 Something Extra
08/27/13 My Heart to God
08/20/13 Exhaling Divorce
08/11/13 Exotic Eve
08/06/13 No Expiration Date
07/29/13 Perfect Example
07/23/13 Heaven's Expansion
07/14/13 Faith's Expectation
06/09/13 Those Amazing Hummers
06/04/13 Naughty Thumper
05/28/13 For Crying Out Loud
05/21/13 Mary's Bells
05/15/13 Freedom Rattled
05/05/13 Faith On Fire
04/30/13 Heavenly Drips
04/21/13 Because I Love You
04/15/13 Bless Me Now
04/07/13 Dad Must Have Been Ugly
03/11/13 Stranger on the Subway
03/03/13 Andy's Surprise
02/25/13 Long Distance Information
02/18/13 Imprisoned Hearts
02/11/13 A Note and a Prayer
02/04/13 They All Laugh
01/26/13 Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
01/19/13 I'll Carry You
01/12/13 Infinite Soul
01/09/13 Tiger Paw
12/09/12 Rudolph the Game Changer
12/02/12 I'm Walking Now, Jesus!
11/24/12 Blossom, My Rose
11/19/12 Six Hours of Eternity
11/13/12 This Old Computer
11/07/12 The Crinoline Dress
10/30/12 Jesus Loves Me!
10/21/12 A Bitter Chalice
10/16/12 Of a Good Shepherd's Blessings
10/08/12 My Humorous Sense
09/09/12 One Flew Over the Barbeque Pit
09/04/12 Mama Mia!
08/29/12 Fabulous Friends
08/20/12 Follow My Lead
08/13/12 Cajun's Money
08/06/12 Share a Piece of My Bread
07/29/12 Are You Hungry?
07/23/12 What a Fine Stew I'm In!
07/17/12 Wood Burning Granny
07/06/12 Ocean Feast
06/12/12 We of Little Trust
06/07/12 A Sunday Kind of Love
06/03/12 A Sunday Kind of Love
05/24/12 Am I good enough?
05/19/12 What Kind Of Life?
05/11/12 Infamy, Fame, and Glory
05/04/12 Two Runaways and a Hippie
04/29/12 My Cup Runneth Over
04/20/12 Ildeth
04/13/12 Three Strands Are Not Easily Torn Apart
04/06/12 Holy Day

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
05/13/12 Genesee and the Fearful Bear
05/08/12 The Officer and the Hobo
04/21/12 Losing Julie
04/20/12 His Mysterious Ways
04/20/12 Always, Never, Seldom
04/18/12 The Least of these My Brethens
04/18/12 The Writer
04/17/12 Losing Julie

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
02/14/2013 They All Laugh
02/14/2013 Bride On Fire
02/05/2013 Blossom, My Rose
02/04/2013 I Don't Know Who I Am
12/11/2012 I Am Your Christ
12/10/2012 Survival Mode
12/01/2012 The Crinoline Dress
11/16/2012 The Cancer is Back
11/16/2012 Chains Around the Heart
11/09/2012 Jesus Loves Me!
10/24/2012 Prayer For Today
10/21/2012 The Greatest Physician
10/14/2012 Small Town Jesus
10/09/2012 Prayer For Renewal
09/27/2012 Any Other Time, Lord
09/25/2012 Shelter Me, Jesus
09/25/2012 Soul Shepherd
09/18/2012 Through a Child's Eyes
09/12/2012 White Horse Warrior
09/09/2012 Suffer the Children
09/09/2012 Road To Life
09/06/2012 Cajun's Money
09/04/2012 A Hardened Heart
09/02/2012 A Believer's Eyes
08/26/2012 One Tin Soldier
08/25/2012 Oh Lord, Thou Are!
08/21/2012 Share a Piece of My Bread
08/11/2012 Heavy Burdens
08/03/2012 My Cup Runneth Over
08/02/2012 Oh Lord, Thou Are!
07/30/2012 The Deep Soul of I Am
07/27/2012 Wood Burning Granny
07/27/2012 Ocean Feast
07/18/2012 Something Funny Happened
07/14/2012 Abandoned and Found
07/10/2012 Gentle Mother of Mine
07/10/2012 My Name Is Jacob
07/10/2012 Saved By Christ Eternally
07/07/2012 Grace is Calling
07/07/2012 Just Breathe! Said Jesus
07/03/2012 Courage To Call Home
07/03/2012 The Child Within Knows God
06/25/2012 My Destiny
06/24/2012 All a Big Joke?
06/20/2012 Walk Through the Garden
06/19/2012 A Message for You
06/19/2012 A Little Child Shall Lead
06/13/2012 Thank you Jesus for Fat Cat
06/12/2012 Angel Interrupted; A Story of Abortion
06/08/2012 Walls
06/06/2012 Since My Life Began
06/05/2012 Mississippi Mockingbird
06/04/2012 Three Strands
06/04/2012 Bondage
06/03/2012 Walk This Journey With Me Jesus
06/03/2012 Lord, Have Mercy on My Soul
06/03/2012 A Child Blessed
06/03/2012 Genesee and the Fearful Bear
06/03/2012 Change of Season
06/03/2012 Two Runaways and a Hippie
06/03/2012 The Officer and the Hobo
06/03/2012 From Iraq to Heaven
06/03/2012 Jesus Is In Control
06/01/2012 Just Come to Jesus
05/21/2012 Are You Talking To Me?
05/21/2012 Mercy Is Calling
05/15/2012 Blue Angels