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Congratulations and Friday Funny

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway for the FaithWriters Challenge book, Abundance of Life! Using an random name selector, the book goes to…


Congratulations, Rachel! Your book will be on its way very soon! Enjoy!

Now, here’s a Friday Funny to start your weekend off with a smile…

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Thirsty Thursday – Creating Characters of Faith

Today is the last Thursday of the month, which means we take a break from Thursday Three (which will return next week) and instead present you with THIRSTY THURSDAY.

I know you’re all thirsty to learn, right? Well, I’ve decided to quench that thirst with a previous post from my personal writing blog. And the reason I want to share it with you guys is because it’s a recap of a workshop taught by multi-published author,  Linore Rose Burkard, at last […]


Jan’s & Ann’s Terrific Teachings

If you are looking for great teaching on the basics of writing, look no further than the FaithWriters Forums. Two very successful FaithWriters members and most regular Challenge winners, have specific forums set up where they teach writing fundamentals. Each of these ladies is knowledgeable, experienced, and have a heart to help writers hone and develop their talent to the fullest potential.

Because these classes are posted directly on the message boards, they are FREE to all members! The best part […]


Tackle It Tuesday – Writer Interrupted

What a wonderful response we had last week to the first Tackle-it Tuesday post about going for the Gold. You guys came up with some very impressive stories in 50 words or less! Nice job!

Are you ready to tackle another one? You are? Great! Let’s go!

Here’s your topic:

You have to get your completed novel to your editor by tomorrow and you have several hours of work left to do. But every time you get on a roll, you’re interrupted.

Remember…you may […]


Meet the Moderator – Cori Smelker

Cori Smelker is one of the FaithWriters Oldies…no, not age-wise (she just had a baby, for goodness sake!) but years-as-a-member-wise (since 2003! WOW!). Besides having scads of top-10 Challenge entries, Cori took home the 2008 Page Turner award for her book on surrogacy. Thanks to Cori for answering a few questions to help us get to know her a little better.
Message Board User Name: cori67

Thing you love most about FaithWriters: The friendships, the common sharing of faith with people from […]

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Unfocused Friday – Win a copy of Abundance of Life

To kick off the first week of our blog themes, what could be better than giving something away?

Not much!

And what could be cooler than giving away a FaithWriters book?

Not much!


Up for grabs is the FaithWriters Challenge book, Abundance of Life. In this edition, you’ll find stories and poems on topics like Love, Joy, Peace, Prosperity, and Hope. Each entry is written by familiar FaithWriters authors. Authors like Best of the Best winners Jan Ackerson and Kenn Allan, as well as […]


Three things Writers can’t Write Without


In any profession, there are certain things that are necessary for the job. A hair dresser needs a scissors. A doctor needs a stethoscope. A carpenter needs a hammer. A pastor needs a Bible. A politician needs a conscience. Oh wait – maybe not.

But we’re all writers. So my question is, what do you need in order to write? It could be something specific that you personally need near you when you pound out those words. Or it might […]


What’s Happening Wednesday: FaithWriters for kids

Did you know that FaithWriters has a completely separate website that’s geared towards kids ages 7-14? It’s true! We have created a safe place where kids can go to stretch their writing wings, as well as interact with other young aspiring writers. If you have a child who expresses an interest in writing, point them in the direction of FaithWriters for Kids!

FaithWriters for kids offers some of the same wonderful features as Here are just a few things kid […]


Tackle-it-Tuesday: Go for the Gold!

Are you ready to don your writing helmet and go for the tackle?


Here is your first assignment: In 50 words or less (yes, only 50! And you thought getting that Challenge entry down to 750 words was tough!) write a complete story about the following scenario:

You are an Olympian competing for the Gold in your final event.

Write your story in the comments. Make it funny, dramatic, horrific, or just plain quirky. But most of all, have fun with it. There […]


Meet the Moderator – Jan Ackerson

Today begins the daily blog themes! As promised, on Mondays we’ll focus on the thing that makes FaithWriters so special – the members!

Chances are, you’ve heard the name Jan Ackerson. Not only is Jan the 2008 winner of the Writing Challenge’s Best of the Best for her entry, Sniggles, she also hosts Jan’s Writing Basics on the FaithWriters forums. But even with her name plastered all over the FaithWriters site, chances are there are a few things you don’t know […]

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