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Tracking (not stalking) authors

One of the FAQ’s over on the FaithWriters forum is “How do I track an author?” Deb Porter posted a response and I thought it  was worth re-posting here. She also added another cool tracking feature you may be interested in.

Re-posted from the FaithWriters message board:

If you’ve discovered a FaithWriters’ author that you just can’t get enough of, there’s a really easy way to make sure you never miss any articles they submit at FaithWriters. You can track them (in […]

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Tackle this Easter challenge!

In the March newsletter, I asked members to sum up the Easter story in only 6 words. I received so many wonderful responses! Unfortunately, for lack of space, I could only include a few in the April newsletter (which will be posted on April 1st.) I’m not asking the same question here, but I figure since it’s Easter week, this Tackle it Tuesday challenge is the perfect opportunity for you to write about the most important holiday in Christian history. […]


The next two BoB contenders…Jan Ackerson & Lisa Mikitarian

The next two contenders for the Best of the Best are names that should be familiar to you. One has already won the coveted crown (2008) and one was a runner-up in the 2009 Page Turner contest. Is it any wonder they are in the running this year for Best of the Best?

Jan is a Christian who has journeyed through grief, loss, and depression by God’s faithfulness and grace. She has been married for over thirty years to […]

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Never Judge a Book by its Author

To tickle your funny bone on this Unfocused Friday…
Never Judge a Book by its Author

Title and Author:

Is O. J. Guilty?   by  Howard I. Know
Animal Illnesses    by    Ann Thrax
French Overpopulation  by    Francis Crowded
Fallen Underwear   by    Lucy Lastic
Downpour!   by   Wayne Dwops
Cloning   by    Ima Dubble


Where two or more are gathered…

OK…so I just realized I posted the Thirsty Thursday article on What’s Happening Wednesday. Oops….guess I’m human after all! So, today, I’ll post the article that was supposed to be posted yesterday. We’ll call this “Switcharoo Week” and I’ll do my best not to let it happen again. 🙂

Where two or more are gathered…

There are thousands of writers’ sites out there in cyberland. And many of them are excellent. There are sites that provide a wealth of information, as well […]


Finding your Voice…2009 FW conference recap

This is the 4th Thursday of the month, which means instead of the Thursday Three, it’s Thirsty Thursday! Last month, I posted a recap of a class taught by Linore Rose Burkard at the 2009 FaithWriters conference. This month, I’m going to share what Cori Smelker taught in her workshop, You Got Style – Yes You do! Finding your Voice in the Midst of the Melee.

Cori gave us a handout (LOVE those hand-outs!) with several tips on how […]

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Spring into Creative Action!

To celebrate the first day of Spring (March 21st), your tackle-it assignment this week is to create an acrostic Poem for the word SPRING. The following example is taken from and was written by Danny, age 7.

S  = Shining sun

P =  Pretty hot

R =  Run outside

I =  Ice cream Melts

N =  Not inside

G =  Go outside!

Now it’s your turn! Grab your creative helmet […]


Two more BoB Contenders…Mary Lou Tiner & Sandra Petersen

Meet the next two Writing Challenge Best of the Best contenders!

MARY LOU TINER – Mary Lou has spent the last 18 years serving the Lord in Austria as a missionary with her family. Her family also travels a great deal for ministry to Arab-speaking countries. She and her husband have been married for almost 36 years and have 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Mary Lou loves the challenge, encouragement and community of FaithWriters, but most of all, she […]

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Things to do (besides cry) during the Challenge Hiatus

Grab the tissues…Yesterday wrapped up the third quarter of the Writing Challenge. The next topic will be announced on April 8th. I know…sniff…sniff…

Take a moment. It’s ok.

Now dry your eyes because during this brief Challenge hiatus, there is plenty to keep you entertained!

First, there are still entries to read and comment on. The WOW entries are posted and waiting for your comments. So go to town!

Next Thursday, the winners for WOW will be announced. That’s something exciting to look forward […]

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Three Favorite Writing Quotes

Below, I’ve posted three of my favorite quotes from famous authors. All three are quotes that each of us should take to heart and apply to our own writing. Hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me!

I’d love to hear your favorite writing quotes. What advice has helped you along the way?

1. “Don’t get it right, just get it written.” – James Thurber.

2. “The best way is always to stop when you are going good and when you […]

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