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Member Shout-Outs for October

Let’s give a cheer for these FWers and their writing accomplishments!

FRANK CREED‘s technothriller Devil’s Hit List, Book Three of The Underground, has been published by Splashdown Books. WOW!

VERNA MITCHELL‘s book of poetry, Don’t Frighten the Pansies, is now available at Amazon and Barnes And Noble. LOVELY!

BRUCE FOTTLER‘s second novel, Dover Park, is now available. SUPER!

LISA G. will have a devotional in the Winter issue of WONDERFUL!

ALLISON EGLEY‘s skit, Service with a Smile, was recently performed at her church’s Fall […]

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Change Your FaithWriters Password

IMPORTANT NOTICE:We have had a hacker on the site who has added offensive articles to a few members’ list of articles. There have also been a few existing articles where offensive material has been added.

We recommend you change your password. If the password you have been using for FaithWriters is also one you use for your email or other locations, we suggest you change it there too, but not to the same one […]

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Two Days Left to Enter Page Turner

You’re running out of time 🙂

The deadline to enter the first chapter and synopsis/overview of your non-fiction manuscript is THIS COMING WEDNESDAY, October 31. There won’t be another non-fiction contest until 2014 (next year we’re back to fiction!) – so get those in!

You must be a platinum member to enter Page Turner ( click here to join) but otherwise, entry is free.

Why enter, you ask? Check out the prizes:

One entry will be chosen as the FaithWriters’ Page Turner Champion for […]

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How’s The Weather?

The newest blog contest is now open (early!)! Win cash prizes and exposure for your writing, while promoting a Christian ministry – with the potential for a foot in the door as a writer for several Christian ministries. For more details, and the ministry we’re promoting, check out the FaithWriters Blogging Contest page. Contest runs through the month of November.

How’s The Weather?

By Lynda Lee Schab

I can’t remember when we had our last tornado warning. Before last night, […]

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Another Blog Contest Coming!

Can you believe November is just over a week away? The holidays are coming faster than we can imagine – and with them, this year, another blogging contest – set to start no later than November 1!

And this one, rather than paid writing assignments, will have cash prizes – in addition to the extra exposure for your writing. AND the word limit has been increased to 600 words, per your request.

I’ve been asked to keep the actual ministry we’ll be […]

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New Commenting Options

Have you ever had someone post a comment on one of your regular FaithWriters articles that you wished you could delete? Maybe a repeat of a comment they’d already given? Something impolite?

Well, now you can!

Simply be sure you are logged in at FaithWriters, and if you go to any of your regular articles (not challenge posts – at least not yet :D), you will see the option to delete a comment. Just click on it, and it’s gone. :). You […]

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Don’t Use Backstory Dumps

Top Ten Mistakes New Writers Make


By Suzanne Hartmann

(Part of the Top Ten Mistakes New Writers Make series)

Definition: large chunks of information about events that take place before the novel begins, often history about the main character.

Example: The main character was a victim of theft six months ago and she thinks her ex-fiancĂ© did it. A backstory dump would drop in all of the information on when it happened, what was missing, and why […]


Two Weeks To Enter Nonfiction Page Turner

That’s right – the deadline to enter the first chapter of your nonfiction work to FaithWriters’ premiere first chapter contest is exactly fourteen days from today! But that doesn’t mean it’s too late to finish, or even start!

So, if you’ve got a half-written manuscript gathering dust in the bottom of your wardrobe, or have had an idea for a non-fiction book brewing in the back of your mind for years, this contest is just the spur you need […]

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Five Rules of Great Storytelling

Five Rules of Great Storytelling
By Dorothy Love

Words of wisdom today from Emma Coats, a storyboard artist at Pixar, the animated movie people. With followup comments from yours truly.

1. Readers admire characters as much or more for trying and failing as for succeeding. This is a storytelling rule I’m using now in my new novel. Failure can often point us in the direction of our true gifts, in the “something better” we might have missed had we succeeded. […]


Some Folks You Might Know

I’m gonna be honest. I’m still a bit bummed we didn’t have a FaithWriters conference this past summer (but, of course, I’m THRILLED there’s gonna be one next year – in Oregon at the end of June – click the link above for what details we have).

One thing that has tempered that sadness, though, is that a different Christian writing organization is having a conference in my home state of Michigan – and some of the folks I’ve come to […]

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