Today is the last Thursday of the month, which means we take a break from Thursday Three (which will return next week) and instead present you with THIRSTY THURSDAY.

I know you’re all thirsty to learn, right? Well, I’ve decided to quench that thirst with a previous post from my personal writing blog. And the reason I want to share it with you guys is because it’s a recap of a workshop taught by multi-published author,  Linore Rose Burkard, at last year’s FaithWriters conference. This article will not only show you what fabulous teaching there is at the FaithWriters conference, it will also give you a small sip of how to create characters of faith.

So sit back and drink up.

Writing Characters of Faith was an elective workshop at the 2009 FaithWriters conference, taught by author Linore Rose Burkard. As a multi-published author, you could say that Linore has plenty of expertise in this area! This workshop not only covered building faith-filled characters, but also included advice on general character-creating.

Here are a few main points to consider as you begin putting together your cast of characters:

What audience are you writing for? Who do you want to read your book? It’s not enough to say “everybody,” because the truth is, your story won’t appeal to everyone. When you know what type of reader will likely be drawn to the story you’re writing, you will be better able to create characters they can relate to.

Even evil characters need sympathetic elements. For the most part, humans are not entirely bad. Even the most evil people have some positive traits. Your goal is to make believable characters that your readers will empathize with.

See your character. Sometimes it helps to visualize your character and what he/she looks like. Browse magazines for faces that “look like” your character. Once you have that point of reference, he/she will be easier to describe, at least physically.

Make your character come alive. Here are a few of the ways your characters come alive on the page:

  • Physical attributes
  • Quirks – things that set your character apart
  • Clothing style
  • Psychological attributes
  • Inner thoughts and actions – think about whether that particular character would do/think those things.
  • Dialogue – the way your character speaks is a powerful way his/her personality will shine through.

Finally, I want to leave you with the one thing Linore said about specifically creating characters of faith that really stuck with me.

The best way to create a Christian character, is to HAVE a Christian character.

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