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The Conference is officially ON!

Great news! The third FaithWriters writing conference is definitely a GO! It’s okay…take a moment to let out a shout. You have every reason to celebrate!

The conference is more than just a place to gain knowledge and improve your writing skill. It really is like a family reunion. The love and fellowship among FaithWriters members is second to none. Those who have attended either (or both) or the previous FaithWriters conferences walked away not only blessed and refreshed, but with […]


FAQ: What is the difference in publishing rights and is my work on FaithWriters considered “published”?

There’s no doubt that publishing rights can be confusing. Hopefully, this will help clear things up a bit.


What are the different Rights that a publisher might ask about?

These are some of the basics:

First Rights: First rights gives a publisher permission to be the first to print your article. You can only sell First Rights on an article or story once.

One-time Rights:  The publication agrees to publish your piece only once. This may or may not be for a […]


The Writing Challenge for Dummies

Disclaimer: we really don’t think you’re a dummy…we’re talking to that other writer.

The Weekly Writing Challenge is the most popular feature at, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that we receive many emails each week with questions regarding The Challenge. Although the guidelines are laid out on the official Challenge Page, here is an easy-to-understand account of just how the Challenge works.

The Weekly Challenge is a great way to improve your writing skills, be encouraged and get your […]


Meet the Man Behind the Mania

Some of you have met FaithWriters creator, Scott Lindsay, at the FaithWriters conference. Some have corresponded with him via email and priority support channels. But who is he, really?

Well, it’s time to find out more about the guy who started it all.

Meet the man behind the mania…


Blessed to be a Blessing

At FaithWriters, we appreciate so much the members who have a heart for seeing our ministry thrive. Members who support the site with their finances and their prayers. We consider these members to be the heart and soul of and we could not do it without them.

Many members, however, although they have a heartfelt passion for FaithWriters, are unable to afford the cost of a GOLD or PLATINUM membership. Tough economic times and difficult circumstances simply make it impossible. […]


FaithWriters Leaps to New Levels

So you’re probably aware by now that FaithWriters recently launched its Level Program. The decision to make this change came after months and months of prayer and consideration. Because has been in a place of financial struggle due to rising costs and increasing members, we knew something had to be done or we’d risk having to close our cyber doors forever.

And as you will agree, that just couldn’t happen!


Are you coming to the FaithWriters conference?


The 2009 FaithWriters’ Conference was a resounding success in every way — inspiration, encouragement, great information, new friendships and just plain fun. For the most part, those who attended were eager for us to hold another one in 2010, and many who were unable to attend last year were determined not to miss the next one.


A New Way to Stay in Touch

Well, has officially entered the land of bloggerdom!

This blog will serve 3 purposes:

To inform. No more waiting for the monthly newsletter to find out the latest announcements and information. Now you can receive word on everything happening at right here on our blog. We hope to update at least three times per week, so check back regularly. Or, better yet, bookmark us or subscribe to this blog so you will receive notices every time a new […]

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