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Member Shout-Outs for November

Let’s cheer on these FaithWriters members for their writing accomplishments!

LYNDA SCHAB‘s second novel in her Madi series, Madily in Love, is now available in paperback and on Kindle. WOOWOO!

DENIS SHUKER‘s kids’ adventure novel, Attack at Shark Bay, is now available on Kindle. YAY!

JIMMY MACK had a devotional accepted for publication in the magazine Devozine, and a true story article accepted in the online edition of Shout Lifestyle Magazine. SUPER!

LYNN GIPSON will have two Christmas short love stories published in OakTara’s […]

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Allegory and Birthdays

Have you ever written an allegory? Read one that really grabbed you?

Well, today is a good day to ponder allegories, as the author of arguably the most well-known one was born 384 years ago today.

Yes, the writer and preacher Paul Bunyan, author of Pilgrim’s Progress, was born on November 28, 1628 in Bedfordshire, England. His best-known work is regarded as one of the most significant works of English literature, has been translated into over 200 languages, and has never been […]

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How to Handle an Impatient, Hot Headed, Fire Breathing Editor

How to Handle an Impatient, Hot Headed, Fire Breathing Editor
By Bob Valleau

She was my worst nightmare. I’m talking about one of my former editors when I worked as a fulltime staff writer for an international Christian ministry. I’ve rubbed elbows with a lot of different editors in my writing career, but this woman depicted the worst of the worst. Don’t get me wrong, she was a nice person. But when it came to being the guardian of the English language […]


Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey
By Pam Ford Davis

Cold Turkey. We use the expression to describe a sudden cessation of a bad habit. We resolve to quit smoking, drinking of alcoholic beverages or other addictive behavior. Bravely, we decide to go it on our own, declining outside assistance of support systems or medications to take the edge off the withdrawal. “I think I can, I think I can!”

Turkey and Thanksgiving are partners in time. The traditional family Thanksgiving dinner features the […]

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How Do Writers Connect with Readers?

How Do Writers Connect with Readers?
By Megan DiMaria

Have you ever thought about how to connect with your readers? About how to make them feel as if they know you or your characters?

This morning when I opened my back door to let my dog out I was greeted with happy, carefree birdsong. It was lovely to hear.

As a writer, I try to be as observant as possible about the ordinary things in life because that’s what bonds us most as […]

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Angel Tree Contest Deadline Approaching

Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this:to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world. James 1:27

You know as well as I do that November is going to REALLY speed by now that we’re in Thanksgiving week (can you BELIEVE it’s only a few days away?). And once we’re in December, 2013 will be here before you can turn around.

Even before Christmas – when […]

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Making Every Word Count

Making Every Word Count

By Jennifer Slattery

As a confessing word-lover, I’m the first to admit, I struggle with over-abundance. If a two sentence description is good, than an entire page is better, right? And why not dazzle my reader with my literary genius, spinning word-picture after word-picture?

If I wrote literary fiction or poetry, perhaps. But I don’t. I write fiction, filled with action and emotion. My ultimate goal is not to impress my reader […]

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A Day For What You Love

There’s a day or “holiday” for every day of the year and just about everything you could imagine (check here for a pretty long list of them, if you’re interested). Tomorrow is one we FWers might want to take note of.

November 15, 2012 is the tenth anniversary of I Love to Write Day, a day meant to encourage people of all ages to do a bit of writing. (and who am I to argue, eh?) John Riddle, founder of the […]

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I Stalk the Battlefields

In honor of Veteran’s Day

I Stalk the Battlefields

By Jan Ackerson

My name is Death; I stalk the battlefields. In war after war, it has been my goal to be victorious, to finally conquer that spark in Americans, that longing for Freedom and Justice and Truth.

While the soldiers fight with their weapons—their bayonets and hand grenades, their missiles and tanks—I fight with mine. I have attempted to win my victory using the swords of fatigue and injury. I […]


Jump Into The Writing Challenge

The last quarter of the FaithWriters Writing Challenge for 2012 is well under way, and the topic variety has been robust, to say the least – and the talent has been impressive as well. From funny to park to cup, the opportunity to weave your own style into the topic has been high. And this week’s topic offers a similar opportunity: who CAN’T think of some sort of idea for the word irritated?

ir·ri·tat·ed [ir-i-tey-tid] adjective

1. angered, provoked, or annoyed.
2. inflamed […]

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