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February Member Shoutouts!

Join me in cheering with the following FaithWriters members over their February successes and achievements!

DEE YODER, who now has an agent! Dee has accepted representation from Terry Burns of Hartline Literary. Awesome!

LAURIE GLASS, whose book, Journey to Freedom from Eating Disorders, is now officially listed in the Gurze catalog! Gurze is THE place for eating disorder books. They are a small publisher, they have a great website, and they put out a fabulous catalog every year.  Congrats!

BARBARA S. whose […]


Favorite Fables and Fairytales

According to, tomorrow is “Tell a Fairy Tale” Day!

Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? Hello…there’s a reason Disney continues to produce movies based on fairytales (the latest being Tangled, based on the story Rapunzel, which I’ve heard is wonderful!)

As writers, we can appreciate fairytales even more. So today for Free-for-All Friday, share your favorite!

A few of mine:

Cinderella…Jack and the Beanstalk…The Ugly Duckling…The Gingerbread Man…

Your turn!


The Writers’ Marketplace

Did you know that you can reach over 50,000 writers and thousands of other visitors by advertising in the FaithWriters Writers’ Marketplace?

If you have a book, a service, product, website, or other message you’d like to display, the Writers’ Marketplace is a wonderful, effective option.Some of the categories in which you can list your ad include: books, contests, editing, ministries, proofreaders, website creation, and writers.

One of the perks of being a FaithWriters Platinum 500 member is FREE advertising in the […]

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Wednesday Word of the Week: Canned Peas

Canned Peas

by Rebecca O’Connor

When I was a child I had an aversion to canned peas. They were mushy little balls of putrid tasting vegetable.

I was raised in a home where you ate everything on your plate and was not allowed to pass anything without taking a portion of each. I became a master at ridding myself of peas without detection. I swallowed some with water like a pill, mashed some under my pork chop […]


Breaking Writer’s Block

“Break Writer’s Block to Reignite Your Creativity”

By Karin Beery

Nothing halts a writer’s creativity like an honest critique. I’ve been writing essays and articles for years, but I’m a newbie in the world of fiction. For almost two years I studied the craft, immersed myself in novels, went to writing conferences, and joined writer’s groups. Even though I know it takes years to get published, I thought I was different. As a full time wife with no […]


Interview with writer/photographer, Cari Weber

I met Cari a few years ago at the FaithWriters conference and we hit it off right away. She lives in my hometown and we’ve become great friends. Besides writing, Cari is a wonderful photographer and has won many awards for her talent. If you’ll be attending the FaithWriters conference this year, you’ll have a chance to meet Cari, as she’ll be open for business to take professional headshots. Now, grab a cup of coffee or your favorite softdrink and […]


A Little (Blog) Help from our Friends

The last time we had a SHARE YOUR BLOG post, we set a record for comments. We all want to share our blogs and who can blame us? We’re writers…we want to showcase our writings! Last week, on my personal blog (On-the-Write-Track), I started Feature a Friend  Friday, where I highlight one of my friends and provide a link to their blog and/or website. That day, my own blog got more hits than it’s gotten in a long time. The Bible tells us […]


This and That FaithWriters News…

Last week, we upgraded the FaithWriters forum. Thanks for all of your prayers for a smooth transition. The boards now have a new look! One new feature is you can now add your birthday to your profile. All of the day’s birthdays are posted at the bottom of the boards. There is also a Birthdays and Special Days forum where you can send your personal birthday wishes. Pretty cool! Check it out: MESSAGE BOARDS

You’ve probably seen the various ads placed […]


Wednesday Word of the Week: Be HIS

Be HIS–A Valentine’s Devotional

 by LauraLee Shaw

I‘ll never forget receiving the candy hearts on Valentine’s Day when I was in middle school. You know, the ones that taste a little bit like Pepto-Bismol? My friends and I would tear our little bitty envelopes open to see which hearts someone put inside with the generic card. Reading into every phrase, we fantasized of that special someone spending tireless efforts to make sure he delivered the perfect message and […]

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Writing Christian Romance

Writing Christian Romance

by JoAnn Durgin

I’m a Christian romance writer. Let’s face it – like it or not – the word romance is often equated with sex. A Jewish friend of the male persuasion recently asked me, point-blank, “What makes a romance novel Christian?” Ah, that is a great question. If you write Christian novels, especially romance, I suggest you find your own answer. It is perhaps the most important question you might ever be […]

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