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Getting started as a freelance writer

We all write for our own personal reasons. Maybe you write only for fun and have no interest in earning a living (or any money at all) from your writing. Maybe you simply want to share the words God inspires you to write. If so, that’s great!

But maybe you do desire to write for pay. Maybe you have dreamed of seeing your byline in a magazine. Or more than that, would love to receive a check¬† for something you wrote. […]


Tackle Your Patriotism

In honor of the 4th of July, you are challenged to write a patriotic poem. Americans can certainly center their poems around this traditional U.S. holiday, but you don’t have to be from America to participate. No matter where you call home, try your hand at writing poem about the love you have for your country. Or simply make typical 4th of July activities the focus of your poem.

Make it funny, make it sweet, write a haiku or a sentimental […]


June Member Shoutouts!

Join with me in celebrating the following members for their June successes!

MID STUTSMAN received her first royalty check for her novel, Barriers, a controversial suspense/love story set in Israel. GO, MID!!

NAOMI CASSATA just had an article accepted for publication with Evangel Magazine. The article will be published in August. THREE WOOTS for NAOMI!!

VIRGIL YOUNGBLOOD won 2nd place (and $50) in an essay contest sponsored by Echoes of The Right to God. CONGRATULATIONS, VIRGIL!



Writing Pet Peeves

Q4U: What is your biggest writing pet peeve?


Three Ways to Increase Inspiration

I don’t know any writer or author who feels inspired all the time. It seems as if inspiration comes and goes, depending on the day, your mood, your stress level, or which way the wind happens to be blowing. The bad news is, being uninspired leads to a lack of motivation, which results in a drop in productivity. The good news (yes, there is good news!) is that there are many ways to increase inspiration.

Here are three:

1. Hang […]


Five Reasons to Attend the FaithWriters Conference

OK, peeps, the conference is less than two months away. It’s time to make a decision. Will you be there?

I honestly hope that each and every one of you says YES to this question. Not only would I love, love, love to meet you in person, but I truly believe you will benefit from this conference in an amazing way. There are so many reasons to attend the FaithWriters conference. Here are five:

1. Encouragement. If you’re a writer, then you’ve […]


Tackle the Future!

When you think about where you’ll be 10 years from now, or where the world will be, what comes to mind? Will things be pretty much the same? Will the world be at war? What new technology will be invented?

What about you, personally? Will you be married? Pregnant? An empty-nester? Will you be a multi-published novelist or own a million dollar home on a lake?

There’s not many restrictions with this week’s Tackle-it-Tuesday topic. Lots of room for interpretation and creativity. […]


Final two Best of the Best contenders

Well, we’re down to the final contenders for Best of the Best. After congratulating the following two FaithWriters members, click on the link at the bottom of this post to see the complete list of eligible entries. There will be one more winning entry added to the list on Thursday, when the #1 winner of The Writer’s Challenge topic is announced.

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who placed First in the Challenge over the past year. You are all […]

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Do You Know Your ABC’s?

Here’s a fun question for you to ponder. Do you know your ABC’s?

Of course you know I’m not talking about the alphabet. So where am I going with this? Glad you asked.

By ABC’s, I mean your writing Aspirations, Beginnings, and Celebrations.

A= ASPIRATIONS: What are your writing aspirations? My aspiration is to be a published novelist. Really, it always has been. Even though I feel very blessed to have many non-fiction credits to my name, my ultimate dream is […]


Three favorite places to write

Writers have the privilege of writing wherever they feel like writing.  Well, if they have a laptop or prefer writing by hand, anyway. A desktop computer would be pretty hard to lug around. Here are three of my favorite places to write:

Outside – Sitting outside on the deck or under a giant shade tree, with the gentle breeze blowing through my hair, does wonders to boost my inspiration. And bonus: The beautiful outdoors also gives me a wonderful appreciation for […]

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