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The Clock’s a-tickin’


Only one more month until the deadline for the annual Page Turner contest. If you’re on the fence about entering, my advice to you is…get off that fence and just DO IT!

The Page Turner is a “first chapter” contest. In other words, you don’t have to stress about submitting an entire manuscript, only the first chapter. The Page Turner will be judged on that page-turning, publishing potential. So do everything you can to make that first chapter shine! This contest alternates between […]

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Wednesday Word: God’s Binoculars

God’s Binoculars

By Patty Wysong

When I saw a flash of scarlet and gold in the trees I went on high alert and wished I had my binoculars handy. The bright colors of an oriole are guaranteed to brighten my day and I’d love to see one and start feeding it. By the time I got my binoculars out of the front closet the bird was gone, so I placed them beside me so they’d be […]


Tuesday Tips and Teaching: History and Mystery


by DeAnna Dodson

 What’s it like to set a mystery series in 1930s England?

 Interesting.  Frustrating.  Wonderful.

 After decades of reading Agatha Christie (Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple), Dorothy L. Sayers (Lord Peter Wimsey) and the unjustly forgotten and underrated Margery Allingham (Albert Campion), I decided to try my hand at writing something similar.  Besides that, my first three books were medieval, very serious, very lush and romantic, and I wanted to do something a bit lighter and more fun.

 The […]


Member Monday: Award-Winning Playwright David Ian

 If you’re a longtime FaithWriters member or have attended any of the FaithWriters conferences, David Ian needs no introduction. For those of you who haven’t heard his name before, David is the Founder and Artistic Director of “Unchained Productions” an umbrella production company of literature, stage, video, audio drama and online works whose Mission Statement is “to educate, entertain and edify, through a wide range of media, for the Glory of God.”

It is my privilege to bring you this interview:

LYNDA: Who […]


A Writer’s Day Job


When people ask me what I do for a living, I say, “I’m a writer.” And that’s true. I consider myself very blessed to be able to do what I love to do and make money doing it. Writing is, in fact, how I earn most of my income. But it’s certainly not enough on which to support my family (fortunately, my husband gets that huge responsibility and my income goes to pay for extras and “fun stuff”). However, even though it […]


Jan’s Writing Basics

You may or may not know that on the FaithWriters message boards, there is a forum called Jan’s Writing Basics. In these “classes,” seasoned writer and former Best of the Best Challenge winner, Jan Ackerson, teaches on various writing basics (hence, the title “Jan’s Writing Basics)

Anyway, after taking a few weeks off, these classes are back in full swing. Come on over and join in the learning (and the fun). Nothing fancy, nothing formal, just excellent interactive workshops to improve your […]

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Wednesday Word: A Higher Place

A Higher Place

by Janet Morris Grimes

Have you ever tried to watch a football from ground level? It is difficult to tell what is going on, how many yards there are to go, where the ball is, etc. The view is distorted, which is why coaches are sent to watch from the top and then communicate what is going on with those on the ground, so the sideline coaches can make better decisions.

The same is true for […]

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Tuesday Tips and Teaching: The Fantasy Genre by author Janalyn Voigt

Fantastic Descriptions

by Janalyn Voigt

In a certain sense, all writing is fantasy, although we like to break it into genres. Whatever your writing process—whether you make intricate notes, carry your plot in your head, or catch winds of inspiration—you face, in common with others of your ilk, the task of creating something from nothing. You must scratch from the dry clay a skeleton, clothe it with flesh, and ressucitate it with the breath of life.

This act of […]

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Meet FaithWriters Member, Sandra Petersen

Sandra Petersen is a homeschooling mom and a wife of over twenty-five years. She has had several Challenge entries make it into the Top 10 and writes for various online sites. She credits God for keeping her family intact throughout many hardships in her life. As you read through this interview, I know you’ll be as impressed and inspired as I was.

LYNDA: Start by telling us a little about yourself and your Christian testimony.

SANDRA: I was born and raised […]

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Games Writers Play

If you’re a writer, chances are you love games. Of course, there are many non-writers (or “normals” as I call them) who love games, too, but I don’t think I’ve ever met a writer who didn’t love games.

Especially word games.

Go figure.

My kids love Boggle but they can’t win against me. Not to brag, but I don’t think I’ve ever lost a game. My list of words is always twice (or more) times as long as theirs. But they […]

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