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EXCITING NEWS and a Little of This and That…

Just a little of This and That:


*The “Touchy-Feely” Challenge quarter wraps up this week. Today, “The Inner Person” entries will be posted for reading and commenting, and the winners will be announced next Thursday. Then there will be a couple weeks hiatus until the next Challenge quarter begins. Click here to read this week’s entries: WEEKLY WRITING CHALLENGE

*In the September newsletter, we have an Out of the Mouths […]

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Wednesday Word: Getting Dressed Takes Patience

Getting Dressed Takes Patience

by Lynn Powers

I have an odd sort of confession: it takes me forever to get dressed in the morning.

I’m not talking about my jeans, sweater and socks. Those things only take a minute to throw on (unless my jeans shrunk in the dryer!).

What I mean is getting dressed with the items God instructs me to put on in Colossians 3:12. Things like compassion. Kindness. Humility. Gentleness.

When I wake up on the […]

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Tuesday Tips and Teaching: Ways to Enjoy the Ride

Ways to Enjoy the Ride

by Martha Ramirez

Writing can be a roller coaster ride. One day it’s praise, the next day it’s criticism.

Sort of like a new mother. Let me give you a scenario.

An exhausted mother gives birth to a new baby (a manuscript) and the people around her (cps/readers/friends with eagle eyes) gives her feedback. Some will take the time out and think carefully about how to put the whirlwind of thoughts into kind […]


Interview with FaithWriters Member, Diana Dart

I had the honor of meeting Diana Dart at the 2009 FaithWriters conference and was so bummed she couldn’t make it this year. Diana is one of the most humble and encouraging writers I know. She is also exceptionally talented! It is my great pleasure to bring you this interview so you can get to know her a little better. I know you’ll think she’s as wonderful as I do.

LYNDA: Diana, tell us a little about yourself and your Christian testimony.

DIANA: My parents sent […]


Celebrating the Swap!

Did you know that today is Swap Ideas Day?

It’s true! At least, according to

So I was thinking this is actually a pretty cool thing to celebrate. As writers, we certainly don’t want to swap our writing ideas. In fact, many writers don’t even talk about their ideas for fear that someone will steal it.

But here is the description of what Swapping Ideas Day is all about: encourages us to share and trade ideas and concepts. […]


Yes, We’re Doing it Again in 2011!

Breaking news…

Even though the 2010 FaithWriters conference just ended a month ago, it has been determined that there WILL be another conference in 2011!

It’s going to be more of the same great encouragement, fellowship, inspiration and information–together with some extras to make it even better. The date has not yet been set, but will most likely be the same week in August, so be sure to make a note of it. We’ll let you […]


Wednesday Word: Room Service for the Least of These

Room Service for the Least of These

by Al Boyce

It’s Tuesday, and people are literally coming out of the woods to converge on a local motel that usually caters to businessmen. It’s not because of the advertised room rates ($199 per week). It’s not because they offer wireless Internet access in every room.

It’s because two rooms have been opened so homeless men […]


Tuesday Tips and Teaching – What to Include in a Cover Letter

Last week, we talked about submitting to magazines. A visitor (Hi Diana!) said she’d love to learn how to prepare the cover letters that accompany submissions. By the way, unless the guidelines specifically advise against a cover letter, you’ll need to include one.

So…below, I have posted a couple of sample cover letters that I used for my own submissions. Don’t copy it word for word – it’s just a guideline to show what type of information to include. Also keep […]


Meet Member and Author, Rachel Burkum

This week’s Member Interview is with Rachel Burkum, a multi-novelist and frequent Challenge finalist. You may also remember that Rachel was the 2009 Best of the Best winner for her Challenge entry, The Composition. I was thrilled to have a chance to ask Rachel a few questions about herself and her writing. Join me in getting to know her a little better.

LYNDA: Tell us a little about yourself.

RACHEL: I live a pretty quiet life and I’ve learned that […]


Friday Free for All: September Goals

So this week we slid into  September. WOW! Am I the only one who cannot believe we’re only 4 months away from Christmas? All of that shopping and wrapping and baking and decorating…it’s  already stressing me out.

But I digress.For now, we’ll focus on September. Back-to-school, changing leaves, cooler weather (at least in many parts of the world).

They say that fall tends to be a more creative season for many writers. So, tell me, is that true for you? […]

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