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Member Shout-Outs for August

Let’s give a cheer to these FaithWriters and their writing successes!

Annie Keys published her first e-book, a youth skit called “Got Mouth?,” on Amazon. SUPER!

Joanne Sher is a finalist in the Write Integrity Press’s One Hope – Nonfiction Contest. GREAT!

Doris Smith‘s poem, “My Friend,” will be published in World Poetry Movement’s new book Stars in our Hearts. FABULOUS!

Patrick Bucksot‘s first book, The Weapons of Our Warfare – God’s Arsenal for Victorious Living, is now available. WONDERFUL!

Shell Vera has become a […]

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Looking for Content? Have Some to Provide?

Are you looking for material to add to your website, blog, ezine, or church bulletin or newsletter? FaithWriters has a special site especially for you! features hundreds of great articles, all provided at no cost. You can search by title, keyword, author, or date, and find just the piece you’re looking for.

All FaithWriters membership levels (Silver, Gold, or Platinum), include the ability to post your articles, stories, poems, and other writings in the Free Reprints section of Posted material […]


Boundaries – Establishing Time and Space to Write Effectively

Boundaries – Establishing Time & Space to Write Effectively
By Megan DiMaria

If you want to be a writer, there’s no getting away from the fact that you have to write. And to write, you need time and space to create and complete your project.

People often don’t understand when a writer in their life chooses to sit by themselves and tap out a story on their computer instead of ____________. You fill in the blank: watch a […]

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The Power of an Unanswered Question

The Power of an Unanswered Question
By Jennifer Slattery

Last night I finished a book I enjoyed despite long pages of tedium and an abundance of flashbacks. Halfway through, with numerous other books waiting on my Kindle, I asked myself why I kept reading. I skimmed over large sections, sometimes whole pages, (all totaled, maybe half the book) and yet, continued to the end. Rare for me, as I don’t have the patience to waste time on […]

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Blahs and Blocks

There’s Writer’s Block, and then there’s Writer’s Blahs.

I’ve found some ways to break through the former – but not necessarily the latter. If I’m stuck without an idea of what to write, I can freewrite, read another book, take a walk, take a nap, pray. Ideas will start flowing again most of the time.

But the blahs? That complete lack of motivation to write anything – even if I have ideas? I have yet to find a solution.

Sometimes, the same cures […]


No More Arrows and Asterisks

No More Arrows and Asterisks
By Yvonne Blake

When I was a schoolgirl, I liked to write. I loved to create my own versions of fairy tales and poetry. Writing my thoughts helped me through the rough teenage years. I found that spiral notebooks were the best. The pages didn’t scatter and get lost in my bedroom jumble, but if I didn’t like the words on a certain page, I could just tear them out and toss them away.

I didn’t make outlines […]

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Rise To The Challenge!

The summer quarter of the FaithWriters Writing Challenge is well under way, and writers, and judges, are HUNGRY for new entries!

We’re in the middle of a food-themed challenge quarter, with topics from picnic to diet to banquet. And this week, the topic is GROCERIES. We all have experience with them, don’t we? So why don’t you join the fun!

Write a piece – fiction, nonfiction, poetry – with groceries as the topic. Anything original (i.e. nothing you’ve already written) between 150 […]


Writing to Inspire Your Writing

I love a good quote. It’s amazing what just the right words can do: make you smile, laugh, think, cry, or even change your life.

Of course, many of my favorite “quotes” are from the Bible, but there are other folks who have good stuff to say too. So, I thought I’d share some of them with you today – on writing.

Firstly – the quotation I chose as my motivational writing quote a few months ago (which some, apparently, find depressing […]


The Writer’s Alphabet

The Writer’s Alphabet

By Edie Melson

A is for Abundance. Write out of the overflow. Feed your soul and you’ll always have the words you need to sustain your calling.

B is for Bravery. Don’t shrink from the hard stuff, whether it’s tough topics or just the courage to continue.

C is for Commonplace. Don’t overlook the magic and beauty that surrounds you. It’s the spaces between that often add depth and meaning to our words.

D is for the Details. Excellence is […]


“Dying For Water” Writing Contest Now Open!

And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded. Matt 10:42

The newest writing/blogging contest at FaithWriters is now open, and it will give you an opportunity to use your God-given writing talents to promote a ministry that can make a big difference in lives – and the winner will receive paid writing assignments!

All FaithWriters members are invited to enter. You can join now for […]

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