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Less than Ninety Days Until Page Turner Deadline!

Do you have a non-fiction book idea brewing in the back of your head? Have you been working on a nonfiction manuscript? Have a half-finished one in your bottom desk drawer?

Well, FaithWriters has the contest for you!

All FW 500 platinum members (click here to become a platinum member) are eligible to enter the Sixth Annual Page Turner Contest. This year, the entries must be Christian non-fiction, and the deadline is October 31, 2012. The winners will […]

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From Jumble To Joy

Multipublished award winning Christian historical author Sarah Sundin has agreed to do a series of posts on historical research. She will be here once a month for three months. I hope this post blesses you, and that you’ll look for the next two in September and October.

From Jumble to Joy:
How to Organize your Historical Research Material

by Sarah Sundin

Research for historical fiction can lead you to rich wells of information. But if you don’t have a system […]


Knowing Your Character; Knowing Yourself

Knowing Your Character; Knowing Yourself
By Patty Wysong

Lately I’ve been interviewing the characters for my manuscript and it’s made me stop and think about more than just those characters. It’s made me think about myself. It’s also made me think I need to interview myself. Now there’s a scary thought.

Here’s just a small sampling of the questions I’ve been answering for  the major characters in my manuscript…

1. What does your character want more than anything else in the world?

2. What is […]


Congrats to Blogging Contest Winners!

The most recent blogging contest – meant to promote FaithWriters itself – has ended and winners have been chosen!

A handful of folks wrote up posts, including contextual links,  building a “FaithWriters” storyline around a list of keywords/keyword phrases. First place receives two paid writing assignments for FaithWriters – $75 per article. Second Place gets one $75 writing assignment for FaithWriters, and third place $25.

And the winners are:

1st Place: What to Do with Your Amazing Stories by Jennifer Suchey
2nd place: The […]

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