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Third Quarter 2013 Writing Challenge Cash Winners

It’s time to announce the FOUR cash winners from hundreds of entries in this past quarter of FaithWriters Writing Challenge.  Beginning this year, the highest scoring entry in EACH LEVEL over the entire ten-week quarter will receive a $50 cash prize.

This past quarter was the “Ex” quarter, with topics from exam to exotic to exhale. The entries across the board were wonderful and inspiring – but there can only be one winner (in each level, anyway!)

And now, without further ado, […]


Reading With Others

Have you ever been in a book club or reading group, or is high school English the last time you read and discussed a book with others?

Reading groups and book clubs are becoming more and more popular – whether in person or online. Personally, I love discussing books with others – what I like, what I don’t, what I learned. Getting others’ impressions on books is definitely a benefit. It can help your writing as well – seeing what works […]

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Great Reads – for Free!

How would you like to read newer Christian releases that normally sell for up to $10 for FREE? Would you like to help new Christian authors get noticed and maybe discover the next best seller? If so,  then we’ve got an offer you can’t pass up.

If you are willing to place a review on and FaithWriters sites, the FaithWriters bookstore  has some Christian books you can read for FREE! Our Free Reads for Reviews program is an opportunity to […]

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Are You Stuck in Haran?

Are You Stuck in Haran?
By Jennifer Slattery

A writer’s life is equivalent to white-knuckling a never-ending roller coaster, in the dark, without a seat-belt. Only, you never signed up for that ride, right? You chose the steady upward climb free of twists and turns, and after ten, fifteen, maybe even twenty years of spinning; you wonder if perhaps you’re on the wrong path. That still, soft Voice that called you into writing has faded behind a mess of rejection, disappointment and […]


Page Turner Deadline Approaching!

Can you believe it’s already the middle of September? That means fall is upon us (in the Western Hemisphere, anyway), Christmas can’t be far behind – and it’s almost time for the deadline for FaithWriters’ biggest annual contest. Yes, you have less than six weeks to polish up the first chapter and synopsis of your novel in progress and submit it to the Seventh Annual FaithWriters Page Turner Writing Contest. Don’t delay – entries will not be accepted after October […]

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The Quiet Times

The Quiet Times
By Marie Grossett

There are times in our lives when we yearn for quiet times. Especially with women where there is a busy household, we desire our ‘me’ times just to have some peace and calmness.

But there are also circumstances when we do not want any quiet times. If you are a writer you wil long to receive that phone call from an agent about a book deal. Maybe your house has been on the market for months. You […]

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Ways To Help Readers Connect

Ways To Help Readers Connect
By Gail Gaymer Martin

Readers love stories that mean something to them. They may never experience the same event or problem, but they’ve had similar experiences or fears that those things might happen to them. It’s through the emotion authors bring to the characters that makes readers care. Caring creates an emotional connection. This is what you want.

What are some problems that we share with others? Family illnesses, a child’s illness or handicap, the lose of a […]

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Christian Books Blog Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the WINNERS of the latest FaithWriters blog contest, which benefitted the FaithWriters book store – and everyone who has a book for sale in it!

Entrants had to write a 750-words or less piece emphasizing the answer to two questions – Why should I purchase Christian books and Bibles at FaithWriters? and why should I sell my Christian book at FaithWriters?

And the winners are…

1st Place ($75 prize and publication of the piece on 100 Christian blogs)
The Little Reading Room
by […]

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Twelve years. Has it really been that long? That short?

Even after a dozen years, there are some pictures I still can’t look at without choking up, without mourning. Without forgetting Who is in control. But no matter what I remember, it’s still true. He is sovereign of our days and nights. Of our blessings and curses. Of good and evil. And we rejoice in all he has done over the last twelve years. May we NEVER forget […]

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Reams of Words

Reams of Words
By Pam Ford Davis

Bookworms, unite! Avid readers share a common bond; they actually enjoy reading. I find it refreshing. In a society of video clips and audio sound bites, readers are alive and kicking. Even though newspaper, publishing and bookstore businesses are on the demise, multitudes still read what comes out in print.

Readers now turn to alternate sources such as E books and Internet E zines and delight in book storage on Kindle. Whatever the method, hardcover to […]

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