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Writing a Book This Summer? A Contest for You

For many, summer means a bit more of a relaxed schedule – and maybe even some vacation time. School’s out, the days get longer, the weather is often nice (in this hemisphere, anyway :D). A great time to start a project – and for writers, that could be writing a book (or at least getting started on one  -or getting back to one you started before). If that’s you, here’s a contest to keep you motivated! and Breath of Fresh […]

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March is Reading Month

Besides the Lord Himself, there is one thing that just about every reader needs desperately. No, I am not talking about inspiration, ideas, writing utensils, an editor, or anything else of that nature. No, just about every writer needs a READER – preferably more than one 🙂

Because of that, writers should certainly be aware that the month of March (only two days away!) is National Reading Month (here in the States, anyway). While it is geared mostly toward children and […]

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Twelfth Annual Page Turner Open!



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The Luxury of Not Enough Time

The Luxury of Not Enough Time

By Randy Ingermanson

When you don’t have enough time to do everything you want to do in life:

You have a good reason to cut out the less-important stuff in your life without feeling one bit guilty.
Which forces you to think about what actually matters to you and what actually doesn’t.
And leads you to make a conscious decision about how much time you’ll spend on each of the things that actually matter, even though none […]

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Why I Choose Thankfulness by Stephanie Reck

You have to make a choice to be thankful.

We sometimes have to CHOOSE to be thankful. Being thankful does not come as easily when we are heart-broken, in despair, overwhelmed or rejected. We have to CHOOSE our attitudes: otherwise we can slip into complaining, discouragement, and eventually even depression. You might not feel like giving thanks, but remember it’s a CHOICE! Instead of giving thanks you may instead feel like calling your friends and talking about all what is wrong […]

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How to Measure Motivation

How to Measure Motivation

By Randy Ingermanson

Practically everything in fiction eventually comes down to your characters’ motivations. The lead character in your story wants something, One Thing. It’s tempting to say that the strength of your story is directly proportional to how much your lead character wants that One Thing.  But that’s false. It’s so far from being true, it’s not even wrong.

Let me explain how you measure motivation. I’ll do that by telling you a little story…

Back in August, […]

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Page Turner Deadline Coming Up! and Breath of Fresh Air Press are waiting for your entries in the eleventh annual Page Turner Writing Contest. If you are a member of the FaithWriters Platinum 500, you are invited to enter this very special contest created just for you.

Maybe you’ve got a half-written manuscript gathering dust in the bottom of your wardrobe. Perhaps it’s something you wrote during NaNoWriMo last year. It could even be an idea that’s been brewing in the back of your mind […]

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A “Challenge” Challenge

The FaithWriters Writing Challenge has been a mainstay on this site for a VERY long time, making a huge impact on many Christian writers, helping them to improve their writing, learn to write on topic and with a word count limit. A number of past FaithWriters challengeers have gone on to have books published (Jan Ackerson, Teri Wilson, and Lynda Schab come to mind), while many other have had writing (even former challenge pieces) published in anthologies and magazines. It […]

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Congratulations to the 2017 Best of the Best!

After twelve months of Writing Challenge topics and entries, we had our forty contenders for the 2017 Best of the Best award.

The annual Best of the Best awards are announced July 1 each year, and the awards go to the three highest rated Editors’ Choice winners for the previous twelve months. First place gets $100, second place $50, and third place $25.

Congratulations to our three awesome winners:

1st Place: Relinquishment by Ann Grover (Relax Challenge)
2nd place: More Beautiful by Jan Ackerson […]

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The Writing Challenge Needs You :)

When was the last time you entered the FaithWriters Writing Challenge?

That long, eh? Maybe it’s time to jump back in.

What is the Writing Challenge, you ask? If you are a platinum or gold member, you are more than welcome to write an entry, between 150 and 750 words, with a Christian worldview, with the topic as the focus of your piece. (If you are a silver member, you have a total of four opportunities to enter the challenge to […]

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