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Member Shout-Outs for March!

It’s time to give a cheer for these awesome FaithWriters’ members and their writing accomplishments!

CHRISTINE RAMEY has an article coming out in the April issue of Woman’s World Magazine, in the “Guardian Angels” section. WOW!

ANN KNOWLES had the Missionary Focus article in the February Issue of Missions Mosaic magazine, “Martha Meyers: Living the Dash,” and will have the cover story for the April Missions Mosaic, “Oksana:  How A Small Gift Changed Her Life.” CONGRATULATIONS!

ANNIE KEYS’ devotional, “A Fiery Hot […]


An Interview With Award-Winning Author Philip Yancey

We at FaithWriters are immensely privileged and blessed to get some first-hand insight from multi-published, bestselling Christian author Philip Yancey.

Read on to learn about Mr. Yancey’s writing process, his advice for new writers, and more.

JOANNE SHER: Where do you get ideas for your books and articles?

PHILIP YANCEY: Most start with a question that I have, one to which I don’t know the answer. If I knew the answer, of course, I’d be bored within a few weeks. […]



by Linda Yezak

charisma or charism  (kəˈrɪzmə, ˈkærɪzəm)

1. a special personal quality or power of an individual making him capable of influencing or inspiring large numbers of people
2. a quality inherent in a thing which inspires great enthusiasm and devotion

Even the World English Dictionary can’t provide a concrete definition of charisma–it’s a “quality” or “power.” It’s that thing that makes someone magnetic, alluring, “star-quality.” Finding an illustration for it was difficult this morning, because “charismatic” seems to be synonymous with “boisterous” in some sites. Doesn’t quite fit what I’m looking for.

I do, however, see it in this young man’s eyes.

The person who can fill a room with his presence doesn’t […]


When Did That Word Show Up?

New words are entering the English language all the time – have been since the language began.

I don’t know about you, but, until I started getting interested in writing historical fiction, I didn’t think a whole lot about word origins and writing. That sort of thing interested me (my husband got me the “Compact Oxford English Dictionary” for Valentine’s Day 2000, and I was THRILLED!), but I never saw the benefit of knowing that information (0ther than answering trivia questions).

But […]


If Only…You’d Stop By the Message Boards :)

Have you been by the FaithWriters Message Boards lately?

You’d likely be surprised and delighted with what you could find.

Firstly, for you Writing Challenge addicts, there’s a little something to keep you busy during the challenge break (which runs for another two weeks). Join us in the Off-Season Mini-Challenge area – the lovely Deb Porter has started a mini-challenge (available to ALL members – silver, platinum, or gold) to keep your imagination going as you wait for the next topic. Check […]


Four-Dimensional Characterization

Four Dimensional Characterization
By Cate Russell-Cole

Before I discovered what I really enjoyed doing in life, I became a social worker. One of our lecturers gave us a sound piece of counseling advice that is also a brilliant tool in writing about fictional or real characters. ‘People behave in patterns. Look for the patterns, then you can start to understand what drives them.’ It gives you a clue as to their weaknesses, strengths and what makes them tick.

Characters appear not just in […]


Getting Help

Getting Help

By Jennifer Slattery

A while back a Facebook friend suggested a story idea. I loved it! But decided to put it off–relegate it to third place on my “must-write” list. God had other plans and sparked a passion and a swirl of plot ideas. Knowing this would be a tough story to write, one that would take intensive research to do well, I prayed for confirmation. I received it, along with help. Extensive […]


Weak Words: The Top 10 Mistakes New Fiction Writers Make

Weak Words
By Suzanne Hartmann

Part of the Top Ten Mistakes New Fiction Writers Make series

Weak Words
Definition = words that weaken your writing or are vague. They often tell something rather than showing it.

Wimpy Verbs
Verbs that describe generic action. Words like walked, talked, took, and looked are weak verbs. They can be replaced by a multitude of more descriptive verbs.

1) He walked across the parking lot.
2) He took the keys.
3) She looked at him.

Correction =
Use strong verbs that […]


Make your next achievement…entering the FW Writing Challenge!

Achievement: we’ve all had them, whether they’re writing related or not. Or we’ve seen others’ achievements – from a child’s first step to  college graduation to reaching octogenarian status. And more.

What great prompt for a writing exercise. So…head on over to the FaithWriters Writing Challenge!

This is the LAST WEEK to enter until the challenge goes on a break until April 5. And the topic is ACHIEVEMENT.

Write a piece – fiction, nonfiction, poetry – with achievement as the topic. Anything original […]


Sanding Down Your Writing: Seven Mistakes to Avoid

Sanding Down Your Writing: Seven Mistakes to Avoid

By Dorothy Love

I’m lucky to have a wonderful line editor who goes over my revised manuscripts with a fine- toothed comb. No detail, however small, escapes her notice. She calls this process “sanding it down.” That is, getting rid of all the little rough patches that impede the flow of the words and the narrative.  She is worth her weight in gold.

As a former teacher and English […]

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