Have you been by the FaithWriters Message Boards lately?

You’d likely be surprised and delighted with what you could find.

Firstly, for you Writing Challenge addicts, there’s a little something to keep you busy during the challenge break (which runs for another two weeks). Join us in the Off-Season Mini-Challenge area – the lovely Deb Porter has started a mini-challenge (available to ALL members – silver, platinum, or gold) to keep your imagination going as you wait for the next topic. Check out the If Only Mini-Challenge today.

There are tons of other treats on the boards as well. Need prayer? Post something in the Prayer forum. There are several topics under Writing Discussion and Information, including a place to learn about writing-related Kindle freebies. Check out Best Books, Tips, and Software for Writers for the latest.

You can learn more about Platinum and Gold Membership, connect with people in different areas of the country or world in our Neighbor to Neighbor forum, or stop by and chat with friends at the Water Cooler. Whether you want to talk theology, share your latest writing success, get an answer to a question, or even find a new way to procrastinate, you’ll find it on the boards.

And if you’re new? Don’t forget to drop by the Newbie Nook. Folks will be happy to welcome you!

What’s your favorite part of the message boards? If you’ve never been, what sounds intriguing?

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