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Literary Baklava – Adding Layers of Meaning to Your Novel

Literary Baklava – Adding Layers of Meaning to Your Novel

By Dorothy Love

As newlyweds, Ron and I frequented a local deli owned and operated by a man known  as Big Al. Though his tiny deli ( it had  only 5 tables) was located in the heart of a sprawling Dallas suburb, it might as well have been sitting in the heart of Athens (Greece, not Athens, Texas).  Most everything on Big Al’s menu, except for the sandwiches, came wrapped […]

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Writing Challenge Best of the Best Contenders-Summer 2014

Can you believe it has been almost a year since FaithWriters named 2014’s Writing Challenge Best of the Best? Well, we have made it through almost 40 weeks of FaithWriters Writing Challenge topics, and it is almost time to crown 2015’s BoB and two runners up.

Unfamiliar with Best of the Best? Each week, the top scoring entry overall in the FaithWriters writing challenge is eligible to be declared the Best of the Best winner. At the end of all four […]

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Discipline and Writing

Discipline and Writing

By Lynda Lee Schab

Writing lately has been challenging for me. I take that back. Writing has been virtually non-existent for me. . As I was mulling this over, I had an epiphany. Wanna hear it?

My book won’t write itself.

Deep, I know.

A while back, I saw a reporter interviewing Anne Hathaway on some entertainment TV show. Apparently, Anne had just lost about 15 pounds for a movie role. I know, right? The girl doesn’t have an extra […]


FaithWriters’ Daily Devotional

Did you know that FaithWriters puts out a daily devotional? And that you can get it for free in your email box, or put it on your site at no cost? AND that you could have your own devotional included?

Every day, a devotional by a FaithWriters member is posted at the FaithWriters Great Multitude Christian Daily Devotional area of the site. These short bits of God’s wisdom and encouragement from your sisters and brothers in Christ are a great way […]

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Eight Ground Rules for Achieving Your Dreams

Eight Ground Rules for Achieving Your Dreams
by Megan DiMaria

Do you have a dream? A goal?

Is there a desire that has burned in your heart for years?

Or has a new vision popped into your mind?

Here’s the secret to staying motivated so you meet your goal:

Don’t wait until you accomplish your goal to be proud of yourself.

 Be proud of yourself every time you endeavor to reach your dream.
Be proud of every step you take to meet your goal.

Here are eight ground rules […]

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You Rose to the (50-word) Challenge!

The response to the 50-word challenge was great – the creativity definitely flowed, and more than a dozen folks contributed. But only one person will receive the $10 gift card. And the winner (as determined by is:

Brenda K. Blakely

Congratulations, Brenda! Contact me at joanne (at) joannesher (dot) com with your email address, and I will send you your prize!

And now, for a special treat, here are several of the entries. I have selected one from each person who […]

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Less than 24 Hours to Write your 50-Word Story!

Do you remember the contest/challenge I announced last Tuesday? To write an entire story in 50 words and post it in the comments of the original post? And that there might be a prize? Well, the deadline is 11:59pm ET TONIGHT(Friday, May 8), and as of Wednesday afternoon (when I wrote this post), we were only one new person shy of “earning” the prize.

Check out the original post for details – and to post your own 50-word story in the […]

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8 Tips for Those with Social Media Commitment Issues

8 Tips for Those with Social Media Commitment Issues
By Edie Melson

We all know it’s important for writers to have a solid presence online. But many of us struggle with Social Media commitment issues. We have good intentions, but our follow-through may be less than stellar.

So today I’d like to share some tips to help you stay on track.
Stay Committed to Social Media
1. Set Reasonable Expectations. I think this is the most important piece of advice I can give you. When […]

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Get Caught Reading

Have you seen the 50-word challenge on the blog from Tuesday? Check it out – you have until next Friday, May 8, to enter.

Writers love to write – but they also need to read. Reading – both in and out of your genre – can help improve your craft almost as much as writing can. And besides, if folks didn’t read, we’d all be out of a job (right??). And, reading is FUN. 🙂

May is National Get Caught Reading Month: […]

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