LibraryBesides the Lord Himself, there is one thing that just about every reader needs desperately. No, I am not talking about inspiration, ideas, writing utensils, an editor, or anything else of that nature. No, just about every writer needs a READER – preferably more than one 🙂

Because of that, writers should certainly be aware that the month of March (only two days away!) is National Reading Month (here in the States, anyway). While it is geared mostly toward children and schools (the month was chosen because Dr Seuss’s birthday is March 2), everyone can benefit from jumping on the reading bandwagon. One of the best ways to improve your own writing is to read. Plus, the earlier we get people (kids!) hooked on reading, the better – right?

Many schools are looking for guest readers – in March, and throughout the year. Call one in your neighborhood and see if you can bring in a favorite book (even your own, if appropriate) to read to kids. Who knows – that kid hanging on your every word (or completely ignoring you) could be one of your future readers – or a fellow writer – in a dozen years.

And do your own reading as well – from writing books to books in your genre to books that interest you. It will only make you a stronger writer.

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