And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers, you will surely be rewarded. Matt 10:42

The newest writing/blogging contest at FaithWriters is now open, and it will give you an opportunity to use your God-given writing talents to promote a ministry that can make a big difference in lives – and the winner will receive paid writing assignments!

All FaithWriters members are invited to enter. You can join now for free if you are not a member.

This contest is to support/promote the ministry Water4 Foundation: Empowering Communities One Well At a Time. Click on the link, and/or view this one-minute video, and this four-minute video, for more information.

In this contest you are to write an article, 500 words or less, about the drinking water problem in the world. How many people die each day. The immense need for clean water. Catch and keep the interest of the web surfer, getting them to click through on the links in your article so they donate and support the mission of Water4. We are looking for gripping writing, a title to catch a person’s eye and attention, and an article that does the same so they want to click through to the ministry and donate. Use your imagination. People should not die because they do not have clean water.

The deadline is 9-17-12 at 10 am New York Time.

And the prizes?

For Gold and Platinum members:

1st place gets two paid writing assignments that pay $75 each – the winning entry will also be posted on 100 Christian blogs. This will give the winner more exposure and the ministry we are promoting hundreds of more links to their site.

2nd place gets one assignment for $75

Winners get the chance to earn more writing assignments from the Water4 Foundation, as well as writing exposure

3rd place gets $25 and is put on the ministry’s approved writer list for a possible future assignment.

Prize for Silver members:

Best Silver entry gets a one year free gold membership and writing exposure.

All members are building treasure in heaven as Jesus said we should.

For more information on these contests in general, go here. If you have questions that aren’t answered in this message board post about the “Dying for Water” Contest, check out this link.

Start working on your entry!

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