There’s Writer’s Block, and then there’s Writer’s Blahs.

I’ve found some ways to break through the former – but not necessarily the latter. If I’m stuck without an idea of what to write, I can freewrite, read another book, take a walk, take a nap, pray. Ideas will start flowing again most of the time.

But the blahs? That complete lack of motivation to write anything – even if I have ideas? I have yet to find a solution.

Sometimes, the same cures for Writer’s Block work for Writer’s Blahs. But not always – even, not often, at least not in my case. When I’d rather scrub my toilet than write a blog post, work on my book, or send another email, I often just need to wait it out.

I’m guessing I’m not the only one – but hoping it isn’t EVERYONE. That’s what blog comments are for – right?

How do YOU deal with writer’s block, or writer’s blahs?

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