A Higher Place

by Janet Morris Grimes

Have you ever tried to watch a football from ground level? It is difficult to tell what is going on, how many yards there are to go, where the ball is, etc. The view is distorted, which is why coaches are sent to watch from the top and then communicate what is going on with those on the ground, so the sideline coaches can make better decisions.

The same is true for day to day life. Unless you take the time to go a little higher, to sit and watch from a distance, it is difficult to determine which way you are going.

Some days leave us feeling like a mouse in a maze, wondering if we are making one bad decision after another because we cannot see far enough to know where we are heading. After slamming our heads into the wall a few times, we deduct that there must be a better way.

I often wonder if God isn’t looking down on us in this way watching what we are doing and trying to warn of obstacles that lay ahead, of which path to take, hoping to keep us focused, and trying to communicate with us on the ground so that we can make better decisions.

During periods of uncertainty and transitions in our lives, it is sometimes difficult to know what to pray for, or even how to pray. Because sometimes, life doesn’t make much sense from down here.

At the very least, we can pray for a better view; a higher place; and enough distance to see our options more clearly.

One of my favorite scriptures for times such as this is Psalm 61:2. “From the ends of the earth I call to you. . . Lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” (NIV) Even Jesus had to find ways to reach higher for understanding.

Dear God,

Sometimes we wish we could sit beside you; to see what you see and know what you know. But at other times, we recognize that you are the only one who can be trusted with our future. Lead us to a place where we can see your will more clearly; a place where we are no longer distracted by what we see in front of us; a place where we can focus on the bigger picture. Forgive us when we struggle. Deep down, our only desire is to please you, from wherever you are watching.

In Jesus Name,


Janet Morris Grimes is a writer from Nashville, TN. She is currently working on her first book, and plans to spend the rest of her life writing about the things that matter most. View her blog at www.janetmorrisgrimes.com.

Article Source: FaithWriters.com http://www.faithwriters.com and FaithReaders.com http://www.faithreaders.com

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