If you’re a writer, chances are you love games. Of course, there are many non-writers (or “normals” as I call them) who love games, too, but I don’t think I’ve ever met a writer who didn’t love games.

Especially word games.

Go figure.

My kids love Boggle but they can’t win against me. Not to brag, but I don’t think I’ve ever lost a game. My list of words is always twice (or more) times as long as theirs. But they love a good challenge and are determined to one day find at least one more word than I do. Again, not to boast, but it aint gonna happen. (As you can see, we’re a competitive bunch).

So, tell me. Do you love a good game of Scrabble, Upwords, or Boggle?

Or maybe you prefer challenging yourself with complex word searches or crossword puzzles.

Today I want to know what word games you most often pull out of the closet. What are your online word games of choice? Is there one particular game that you simply cannot lose?

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