Canned Peas

by Rebecca O’Connor

When I was a child I had an aversion to canned peas. They were mushy little balls of putrid tasting vegetable.

I was raised in a home where you ate everything on your plate and was not allowed to pass anything without taking a portion of each. I became a master at ridding myself of peas without detection. I swallowed some with water like a pill, mashed some under my pork chop bone, and the rest I threw quietly in the four corners of the kitchen and under the stove until gone. I was finally able to leave the table, and Momma would say, “See that wasn’t so bad was it?” Nope, it just took some creative maneuvering, I thought to myself.

The devil will never tempt me with canned peas. I do not have to resist the temptation to eat them nor do I find them a difficult abstinence! If I had been a brilliant child it would have dawned on me to give them up for Lent!

We need to treat sin like canned peas, for we cannot be tempted with that which we have an aversion. The problem with mankind is not hating sin. We put ourselves on a diet from sin as Christians, but find we hate the diet more than the sin, so slipping is too easy.

I have found that the more I love about God the less I love about sin making sin resemble canned peas more and more each day.

Rebecca O’Connor has been a teacher in elementary education for years, written a few books, and hugs hery grandkids every chance she gets! She feels that God has blessed her so much that she loves sharing pieces from those blessings in her writing.

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