The last time we had a SHARE YOUR BLOG post, we set a record for comments. We all want to share our blogs and who can blame us? We’re writers…we want to showcase our writings! Last week, on my personal blog (On-the-Write-Track), I started Feature a Friend  Friday, where I highlight one of my friends and provide a link to their blog and/or website. That day, my own blog got more hits than it’s gotten in a long time. The Bible tells us that we are blessed to be a blessing. And by blessing a friend that day, I was blessed, too!

So let’s be a blessing today and help our friends. Post about a friend’s blog. Let us know the title, what the blog is about, and a link so we can check it out. We’ll not only be helping others, but we may just discover some wonderful new blogs and make some new friends along the way. (Don’t go into detail about your own blog, but feel free to leave a link if you’d like)

Here’s my recommendation:

FICTION WITH CHRIS – Chris Jager is the fiction buyer for Baker Book House, which is located across town from me. Chris posts reviews of books she reads (and she reads a lot of them!). She also posts bits of news and information which may be of interest to you. The link is: Enjoy!

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