Cori Smelker is one of the FaithWriters Oldies…no, not age-wise (she just had a baby, for goodness sake!) but years-as-a-member-wise (since 2003! WOW!). Besides having scads of top-10 Challenge entries, Cori took home the 2008 Page Turner award for her book on surrogacy. Thanks to Cori for answering a few questions to help us get to know her a little better.
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Thing you love most about FaithWriters: The friendships, the common sharing of faith with people from all over the world. I love that although we have differing political views, life goals, needs and desires, we can all band together in our love for Jesus and for writing.

Favorite Platinum 500 perk: Being able to enter the Pageturner Contest!

How long have you been writing? My whole life! I was encouraged in primary school by a teacher who saw some rough talent.

Been published? Yes, here at FW, in a publication called God Allows U-Turns, and then in many regional magazines.

Family facts: Married to Terry for 16 years. We have 5 kids, and 4 cats. I am a gestational surrogate and have helped create 3 families.

Biggest pet peeve: Do you have all day? I’d say my biggest pet peeve is inconsiderate drivers.

What you do for fun: Walk and run, read, cook.

Where do you live? Best state in the country – the Lone Star state – TEXAS ya’ll!

Book on your nightstand: My new favourite toy – my Kindle. I’ve loaded it up!

A favorite Bible verse and why: Psalm 121. When I was a young child and faced death, this Psalm came unbidden to my lips. My parents are not Christians so I had no grounding in the word. But schools in South Africa had morning assembly and one teacher read this Psalm at least once a week. When my life was threatened, this is what I cried out.

Three goals for the future: Get back to my pre-baby shape by running a half-marathon this November, expand my surrogate agency beyond my current city, get my book published!

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