If you are looking for great teaching on the basics of writing, look no further than the FaithWriters Forums. Two very successful FaithWriters members and most regular Challenge winners, have specific forums set up where they teach writing fundamentals. Each of these ladies is knowledgeable, experienced, and have a heart to help writers hone and develop their talent to the fullest potential.

Because these classes are posted directly on the message boards, they are FREE to all members! The best part is, you are able to post questions and comments. The forum atmosphere allows you to discuss these topics in depth and glean from the wisdom of Ann and Jan, but also get input and insight from other members. Also included are lessons where you get to take what you’ve learned and apply it to your own work.

Here are the two classes available:

JAN’S WRITING BASICS – Previous topics include dialogue, tense, overuse of exclamation points!!!, poetry, symbolism, point of view, flashbacks, and many more.

ANN’S  GRAMMAR BASICS – Commas, punctuation, parts of speech…if any of it confuses you, come on in and learn the basics of grammar.

Thanks to Ann and Jan for volunteering their time and expertise!

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