Did you know that FaithWriters has a completely separate website that’s geared towards kids ages 7-14? It’s true! We have created a safe place where kids can go to stretch their writing wings, as well as interact with other young aspiring writers. If you have a child who expresses an interest in writing, point them in the direction of FaithWriters for Kids!

FaithWriters for kids offers some of the same wonderful features as FaithWriters.com. Here are just a few things kid can do:

  • Share their writing. Articles, stories, poems…whatever kids choose to write about. Once their work is posted to the site, it is available for anyone to read.
  • Give and receive feedback. Just as with FaithWriters.com, kids are able to leave feedback on writings  posted and get feedback on their own work. While detailed comments are not allowed, the feedback comes through fun smiley faces and emoticons that express how the reader feels about a piece.
  • Submit to The Weekly Topic. Similar to the FaithWriters Weekly Writing Challenge, kids have a Weekly Topic, to which they can submit. This allows them to focus their creativity in a fun and challenging way. For example, this week’s topic is: Clothes: What would happen if everyone wore the same clothes?

Kids can post and search for writings by age group (7-8; 9-10; 11-12; 13-14) or by the following categories:

  • My Stories
  • My Poems
  • My Joke & Riddles
  • About Me
  • About my Pets
  • About Life
  • About God
  • Weekly Topic

Kids who sign up are encouraged to get a parent’s or guardian’s permission and content is regularly monitored. So grab your kiddo and check out FaithWriters for Kids today. We’re thrilled to do a small part in raising up tomorrow’s great Christian writers!

Visit the site: Kids.FaithWriters.com

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