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Sometimes the Sprinkling Can; Sometimes the Flower

By Elsie Flynn


The sprinkling-can is the vessel that holds the water. It has a spout to disperse the water onto the flowers, gently and evenly. It can hold only so much water. It has to be emptied of its previous filling before it can take on more water. When there is yet more water from the barrel and this particular can is still full, the Gardener […]

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Don’t Stop Writing

By Bob Valleau

Have you ever felt like chucking the whole writing bit? Do you tire of trying to write something when nothing comes to mind? Does keeping a constant writing routine drag you down? Has the joy of writing dwindled or robbed you completely of inspiration?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, it’s time for a gut-check. Most writers, at some point, fall into that dreaded rut of the doldrums. Some people […]


Member Spotlight: Meet Jan Ackerson

Imagine my surprise when I realized there hadn’t been a member spotlight of the super-involved, extremely helpful and super-talented Jan Ackerson. Well, now it’s time to remedy that. Here’s the Best of the Best winner, conference presenter, editor, writer, and teacher extraordinaire.

JOANNE: Jan, tell us a bit about yourself.

JAN: I’m a retired schoolteacher and a wife, mother, and grandmother. I’m owned by a ridiculously antisocial cat. My husband and I enjoy traveling, and I love reading, writing, Broadway musicals, and […]


Critique Circle

Did you know that FaithWriters has an area especially for folks who need an extra eye for their writing? The Critique Circle is a place where you can help others improve their writing, and have them help you too!

Everyone starts out with a free critique – and after that, you get a credit for each critique you give to others. This peer critique area is a great place for you to get some extra polish on your poem, article, story, […]

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If You Can Read…

Maybe I’m naive, but I naturally assume that any adult I come across can read. I write, after all. Readers are my audience. And you learn to read in elementary school, right? But that of course isn’t the case.

According to the International Reading Association, 860 million of the world’s adults are unable to read or write (nearly 2/3 of that number are women), and over 100 million children lack access to education. Those are BIG numbers. As writers, these numbers […]


Hold On

By Marijo Phelps

Oay: “hold on” sounds a lot like “wait” to me. Why is it that we hate to wait? I think impatience is almost a trait of our culture, and not a very good one at that.

Just think of some things that we need to wait for. If we wanted to eat the bread as soon as we mixed it we’d have a giant stomach ache and miss the aroma of that baking bread.

Maybe that applies […]

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Read Less, Listen More

By Annie Glasel

I love to read. Since becoming a wife and a mother (in that order), reading has become a luxury and not a habit. And I confess, reading for me, unlike Bible study, is more a pass time, something to do when I want to relax or just let my mind process frivolous information for a bit. Recently, I find that the more I read, the dumber I feel. (Of […]


Labor Day

Though it started out as a day to celebrate labor and trade unions, Labor Day has become more of a “end of summer”  celebration, full of picnics, barbecues, sales, and football. It’s that last little vacation before school starts (or gets into full swing).

So, as you enjoy this last “summer hurrah,” be sure to soak up the sights, sounds, and smells of the day. You might just get inspiration for a bit of writing!

Question for you: In the theme of […]


FaithWriters’ Writing Courses

I have taken several online writing classes, and every one of them has improved my writing skills. Everything from showing not telling to dialogue to descriptions, there is a plethora of writing courses for those attempting to hone their craft. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Did you know that FaithWriters offers its own writing courses? These interactive courses teach everything from writing basics to how to master several different writing styles. You can start these courses at any time, and by […]

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A Month For US

There’s Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Administrative Professional’s Day (remember when it was called Secretary’s Day?), Mother’s Day, and many other days/weeks/months honoring different people in different roles and professions. But today starts an observance all of us can appreciate.

Did you know that September is National Be Kind To Editors and Writers Month? An entire month set aside for those of us in the writing profession.

Writing can be a frustrating and solitary profession.  We can work and work and […]

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