I have taken several online writing classes, and every one of them has improved my writing skills. Everything from showing not telling to dialogue to descriptions, there is a plethora of writing courses for those attempting to hone their craft. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Did you know that FaithWriters offers its own writing courses? These interactive courses teach everything from writing basics to how to master several different writing styles. You can start these courses at any time, and by buying one of the two complete courses, you can save 20% over buying the individual courses individually.

Looking for a way to bone up on your writing skills for not much money? Check out these interactive online courses!

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Complete Creating Writing Course

An innovative writing course designed to stimulate the creative part of your personality, featuring:

Nine complete lessons beginning with the review of the writing process.
Mastery of writing skills in narrative writing, character sketches and story mapping.
Practice in interpretaion of literature, poetry writing, and short story writing.
Story Map Organizer, Cubing graphic organizer, Character Mapping graphic organizer, GOOD LIT acrostic to interpret literature.
PLUS, BIBLICAL INTEGRATION sections in most lessons.

Complete Writing Basics Course

An innovative writing course to teach you the basics of writing well, featuring

Nine complete lessons comprehensive instruction of the writing process.
Numerous ideas for journaling and publishing.
Checklists for revision and editing.
Several step-by-step writing assignments for creative and analytical paragraphs.
Also includes timelines and graphic organizers.
PLUS, BIBLICAL INTERGRATION sections in most lessons.

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Writing a Character Sketch
Writing an Interview
Writing a Narrative
Writing Poetry
Writing a Literary Response
Writing a Short Story
Writing Basics – Series 1-6

Which of these courses sounds good to you? Have you taken any online writing courses? Would you recommend any?

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