There’s Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Administrative Professional’s Day (remember when it was called Secretary’s Day?), Mother’s Day, and many other days/weeks/months honoring different people in different roles and professions. But today starts an observance all of us can appreciate.

Did you know that September is National Be Kind To Editors and Writers Month? An entire month set aside for those of us in the writing profession.

Writing can be a frustrating and solitary profession.  We can work and work and find no outlet for our writing. We submit and submit and get rejection after rejection. People don’t take us seriously. And who doesn’t like it when someone is kind to us?

And then there are the editors. Their work can hurt AND heal. They’re easy to hate, but so critical to making our work the best it can be. Now THERE are some folks people love to hate!

So tell a fellow writer how much you appreciate him or her, and send your thanks to the editor who helps make your writing shine.

QUESTION: What ideas to you have for being kind to editors and writers this month?

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