By Annie Glasel

I love to read. Since becoming a wife and a mother (in that order), reading has become a luxury and not a habit. And I confess, reading for me, unlike Bible study, is more a pass time, something to do when I want to relax or just let my mind process frivolous information for a bit. Recently, I find that the more I read, the dumber I feel. (Of course, the reading material does have a lot to do with it.)

However, I also find that of late, my best writing ideas are downloaded from God when I sit in church and LISTEN to what’s being preached. I find also that whenever the radio is broadcasting good preaching or inspiration songs, my mind is typing out little articles.

It occurs to me just today that the first 5 books of the Bible cover so much more material with so much less words than all the other 61 books combined. If my recollection serves me correctly, until Moses (the author assigned to having written those five books), these stories have been passed down through oral traditions.

I wonder if Moses got to write down these stories because he was a good listener? Surely thousands of other children of God have heard the same stories. I wonder also if Moses got to receive the 10 commandments because he was a better listener?

Writing is a discipline. But when we write for God, it is an act of obedience. It is a walk of faith. I believe that if we do more listening and less reading of what other people think, imagine or have heard from God, we will hear more clearly the messages that God has appointed for us to transmit though our gifts as writers.

I’ve written to ease my pain; I’ve written to hear my voice; I’ve written for vanity; I’ve written for sanity; I’ve written for fun; I’ve written for laughs; I’ve written for me; I’ve written for money. But until I write for God, this talent is for naught.

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