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The HOME for Christian writers! The Home for Christian Writers!

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Name: Amy Michelle Wiley 
Website: www.sparrowsflight.net
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Articles written: 133

 About Self
I gain inspiration for my writing from the beautiful setting of the Pacific Northwest. I am a lover of words and people, and these passions have led to my previous work as a freelance writer and editor and as a certified sign language interpreter. Unfortunately my health has deteriorated to the point of not allowing me to do much, but I try to stay up to date in the writing and interpreting communities.

I have found FaithWriters to be a wonderful community. I was a coordinator and speaker for the writing conference and a moderator on the adult message boards. Now I serve as mod on the children's message boards. I also am the founder and director of Peculiar People--an international organization that creates unique fiction through group writing projects. Check PeP out at www.peculiarpeoplebooks.com.

I've had numerous short stories and articles published in many genres, and had publishers interested in my two partially-written novels. One of my passions is helping new writers through the publishing process, and I have a lot of experience navigating the self publishing process.

Check out my website for my creative writing guide to "show: don't tell" and for updates on my novels: www.sparrowsflight.net

I am learning to live life fully and joyfully despite a debilitating genetic condition. Thanks for taking some time to look around! God bless.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
01/17/10 Delivered, the collaborative postcard project, is published 1076 Free to Share
08/05/09 The Night Mom Fell 2178 For Sale
08/18/07 A Midsummer's Daydream Come True, my account of the FW conference 1763 Free to Share
03/22/07 FaithWriters Poem 1578 Free to Share
12/24/06 Breaking the Challenge Addiction 2063 Free to Share
11/12/06 A Chance for Life 3802 For Sale
11/07/06 Of Tests 1509 Free to Share
09/24/06 Out of the Dark, Into the Sky, story one 1412 For Sale
09/23/06 Song of the Donkey 3817 For Sale
09/11/06 Like a River 1638 For Sale
07/10/06 A Thursday in the Life of a FaithWriter and Her Muse 2836 Free to Share
06/22/06 Words I Have Lived 1506 Not For Sale
05/15/06 Obscure Faces 1849 For Sale
03/31/06 THREADS OF PAIN an excerpt from my novel 1388 Not For Sale
03/28/06 The Rustle of the Leaves 1510 For Sale
03/27/06 The Cliff 1684 For Sale
03/22/06 From War 1460 For Sale
01/09/06 The Unknown Beast 2755 For Sale
12/23/05 I Await 2265 For Sale
11/17/05 When Evening Comes of Age 3733 For Sale
10/22/05 Assigment to White Planet 8069 a group book 2004 Not For Sale
08/25/05 The Dance 2802 For Sale
08/22/05 Waves 1564 For Sale
07/21/05 HELL'S FIRE fiction 2416 For Sale
06/22/05 Angel in the Mist 1884 For Sale
06/18/05 Our High Seas Adventure OR NOT 3848 For Sale
06/09/05 Beautiful Morning ASL Poetry 2791 Free to Share
05/03/05 A Summer Night 6636 Free to Share
04/29/05 Pictures in the Air 1736 For Sale
04/29/05 You Will Sing Again 1655 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
01/09/13 What the Cake Won
10/25/12 Unnoticed
08/02/12 Death Shall Wait
05/09/12 The Monster Behind Me
02/02/12 Whose Captives They Were
01/24/11 Fragile as Glass
12/14/10 From Flopping Fish to Dolphin Swish
11/12/10 Eureka in Yreka
10/27/10 Letters of Atonement
09/07/10 What Makes One Great
08/11/10 Annie's Hands
08/02/10 Lavender Grace
04/21/10 The King's Delight
04/14/10 The Scholarly Knight
10/14/09 What the Blue Family Has
10/06/09 Blind Truth
07/24/09 Butterfly Girl
07/21/09 Not Like Every Other Day
08/14/08 Delivered
08/06/08 The Journey
07/30/08 Trying
07/20/08 Enough
06/08/08 A Bridge Between the People
06/02/08 a house is just a house
05/26/08 Out of the Ashes
03/13/08 When a Lifetime Comes
03/06/08 Knock of Death
01/29/08 The Lost Age
01/10/08 My Brother's Keeper
09/17/07 The Arachnid Agreement
09/13/07 The Land Within
09/06/07 I Am Mysha
06/14/07 The Hills of Enelee
06/06/07 The Case of the Flashing Lights
05/31/07 Mirror of My Heart
05/23/07 Heaven's Tears
05/17/07 Way Out in the Moondocks
05/02/07 For Such A Time As This
04/26/07 Return
04/19/07 Twice Upon an Infinity
04/10/07 Lime-Green Castles
03/05/07 Pink Sweater of Love
02/22/07 Voices of the Game
02/13/07 Won't She Love It?
02/01/07 Reading Between the Fingers
01/16/07 The Colors of Black and White
01/11/07 The Vortex
12/14/06 Only a Messenger
12/04/06 There's a Preacher in Every Robber
11/27/06 Can Bad Be Good?
11/22/06 My Son
11/11/06 The Unseen Watcher
10/28/06 Something Greater
10/22/06 The Perfect Opportunity for Sheila McGuire
10/16/06 Blood
10/07/06 My Little Man
09/12/06 Voices In My Ear
09/03/06 The River Angel
08/30/06 The Song of the Donkey
08/15/06 The Day Daisy Walks
08/07/06 The Unwanted
07/26/06 Welcome to Fern Springs
06/14/06 Flood
06/07/06 The Shadow of Chelle's Cove
05/29/06 Fervent Warriors
05/22/06 When Joy Smiled
05/02/06 Not of Fear
04/27/06 A Stranger in a Purple Land
04/09/06 One Small Stone
03/10/06 Behind the Gate
03/05/06 Whisper of the Mangroves
02/26/06 Empty Ambitions
02/11/06 A Broken Vial
01/18/06 Just The Start
01/16/06 Ransacked
01/08/06 The Planet Next to the Moon
12/04/05 Spring Will Come Too Late
11/28/05 The Peace-Bringer
11/20/05 When God Intervenes
11/06/05 A Song in the Silence
10/29/05 Hyacinth Spies
10/22/05 Lo Ikwithltchunona, The Cloud-Swallower
10/16/05 Mind Fields
10/09/05 Flowers of Faith
09/18/05 A Day of Our Life
09/11/05 To See the World
09/04/05 The Last Line
08/12/05 A Quest Begins
08/07/05 The Purple Kitty
07/31/05 A Second Chance
07/23/05 A Higher Destiny
07/17/05 The Joy of Adonai
07/10/05 A Child's Shoe
06/11/05 Walking In My Heart
06/06/05 'Who Is That Man?'
05/28/05 The Song
05/22/05 Knights of Yisturdai
05/11/05 Klutzy Betzy
05/08/05 Celebration of Life
04/24/05 In Everything

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
06/24/06 The Tolling of the Bell
01/10/06 Chores No Bores
06/18/05 Under The Ruby Sky

Date Title
07/15/12 Bring Your Writing to Life

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
08/16/2008 My Journey
08/26/2007 Summer Night
11/06/2006 Of Tests
10/08/2006 Covered with Feathers
09/24/2006 The Purple Kitty
09/24/2006 You Will Sing Again
09/24/2006 Cold Fear
09/22/2006 I Await
09/22/2006 Like a River