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Name: T. F. Chezum
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Articles written: 98

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Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
01/10/07 The Real Challenge 805 Not For Sale
12/30/06 Kyle and The Cave of Wonders 808 For Sale
07/04/06 Once in a kingdom 682 For Sale
07/02/06 Love at what cost? 798 For Sale
03/22/06 Ode to coffee 907 Not For Sale
01/08/06 One of those days 811 For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
12/23/11 The Week After Christmas
12/14/11 Whenever you want you just pray
11/25/11 The Extractions
11/16/11 Mayhem and Maverick
10/25/11 Is anybody out there?
11/07/10 Welcome to the jungle
10/31/10 OMG!!
10/27/10 Distraught
10/17/10 The Final Discussion
06/09/10 The Librarian
06/02/10 Reviewing Articles on a Summer Evening
05/16/10 The Writer
05/10/10 The Right-on Writing Academy
05/05/10 The final chapter
04/26/10 A Letter To Steven
04/22/10 The Traveler
05/06/09 Elevator
04/21/09 Anticipating The Arrival
04/15/09 A day in the life of Duane and Marci
04/08/09 The sights and sounds of an island cruise
11/20/08 Family Gifts
11/12/08 Everyone deserves something for Christmas
11/05/08 The Lights In The Valley Below
10/29/08 The X on the Fireplace
10/19/08 Easy as pie
10/14/08 Captain Thesaurus and The Case of the Crystal Asterisk
10/08/08 In Excelsis Deo
09/10/08 Carrots and a Class Reunion
09/03/08 What’s My Consequence
08/27/08 The Challenge
08/20/08 My Charade
08/13/08 Seeking Aeneas
08/05/08 she stands on a bridge
07/29/08 Ein Tag in Bergen-Belsen
07/20/08 Where are you?
07/12/08 We Used To Dance
08/08/07 Road Rage
07/31/07 The depth of my sadness
06/14/07 The Tuesday Afternoon Algebra Lesson
06/07/07 A Full Moon and a Grak-ack
05/31/07 Raiders of the Lost Park
05/22/07 I'm still here
05/15/07 The Thought Police
05/10/07 Der Fall des Hindenburg
05/01/07 Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood
04/25/07 Chasing the dream
04/19/07 Rex's adventure in the city
04/10/07 The Broken Fence
03/15/07 The day the music died. (ii)
03/06/07 From The Discount Rack
02/22/07 A day at the gym
02/14/07 The Bell From Saint Augustine's
01/31/07 Outside the Dome
01/24/07 The Gallery (ii)
01/16/07 Just another Thursday
01/10/07 Life and a loaf of bread
12/13/06 The Continuing Adventures of Captain Thesaurus
12/07/06 Pastor Omani
11/29/06 The visit with Mr. Hughes
09/13/06 Lessons from the garden
09/04/06 It's as easy as riding a bicycle
08/28/06 Behind The 13th Street Recreation Center
08/22/06 The Intern
08/15/06 On the road to Sparkling Valley
08/09/06 Blind Faith
08/02/06 God's Work
07/26/06 After The Carnival
07/20/06 Inside my soul
07/12/06 The master of deceit and lies
06/22/06 Man Hunt
06/14/06 The deal of your life
06/05/06 Heather
05/30/06 The Girl at the City Motel
05/21/06 Happily ever after?
05/17/06 Rex's adventures in the cave
05/09/06 Keep the fire burning
05/03/06 Future Bride
04/26/06 Clean up on aisle five
04/12/06 and I am
03/12/06 The Believers
03/05/06 The Great Apple Pie Bake Off
02/26/06 A Day In The Life Of An Advice Columnist
02/19/06 Memories of Grandpa
02/12/06 News Break
02/01/06 The old man in the rain
01/29/06 View from the mountain
01/22/06 The wood burning stove
01/15/06 Memories of the garden
01/07/06 The Struggle
12/10/05 The secret club
12/04/05 Reconciliation
11/27/05 The final plea

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