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Name: harvestgal Ndaguba 
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Articles written: 63

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Lived on the mission field for 6 years. Met my Nigerian husband while serving in Turkey. Fell in love and got married, then served in Nigeria and two years in China. My husband and I have 4 beautiful children, the oldest is 6 and the youngest is 7 months. We are temporarily residing in the States but will soon return to the mission field.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
01/03/13 Oak, Wind and Turtle 334 Free to Share
01/02/13 A Child after Funeral 350 Free to Share
01/01/13 He Loved 285 Free to Share
02/01/12 Deceived and Restored 345 Free to Share
12/22/11 The Word and Worship 315 Free to Share
12/18/11 Don't Be Weary in Well Doing 451 Free to Share
12/12/11 Don't Cry 487 Free to Share
12/09/11 Counting the Stars 537 Free to Share
11/28/11 Shattered and Yet, Restored 388 Free to Share
06/03/11 Mercy's Cry 503 Free to Share
06/19/10 A Cherished love 696 Free to Share
05/20/10 It's True 546 Free to Share
03/05/10 An Intruder's Surprise 784 Free to Share
11/15/09 Awake, for He Calls 607 Free to Share
10/14/09 Cherish those you Love 809 Free to Share
10/10/09 Teach Me 588 Free to Share
07/03/09 Learning to love and serve 568 Free to Share
06/24/09 I 'Member ya Kind Heart 805 Free to Share
06/21/09 The Tunnel 722 Free to Share
06/20/09 Bitter Sweet Memories of Him 697 Free to Share
06/17/09 Pray then listen 556 Free to Share
06/17/09 Shall the Christian Soldiers Rise? 576 Free to Share
06/16/09 The Importance of a Private Marriage Bible Study 780 Free to Share
06/16/09 Regret's Warning 686 Free to Share
06/15/09 He Cares 686 Free to Share
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
08/07/13 The Hour of Grace
07/16/13 This Kind of Justice
06/10/13 The Heavenly Hummers
03/08/12 Making Use of Car Time
02/15/12 An Awkard Appointment
01/31/12 The Secret To His Success
01/18/12 Child of Shame and Redemption
01/11/12 The Alter Call
12/15/11 Online Prayer Room 1 On 1
09/08/10 The better way
08/04/10 A Broken Fast
07/28/10 I see love
06/09/10 The Library Oasis
06/01/10 I Don't Need no Editer
05/25/10 Each Day is a Gift
05/19/10 A Writer's Job Well Done
05/12/10 A Talk With Christian Critique
05/02/10 We Granted Her Crayons
04/26/10 Though the Pain is Waging, Life Goes On
04/20/10 My Reader, My Love
04/14/10 The Most Precious Book in My Life
03/17/10 Dear Mom
03/11/10 A Bitter heart
03/01/10 An Intruder's Surprise
02/23/10 A Life Waiting to be Harvested
02/17/10 His Light in a Dark Land
02/08/10 Racing Through the Storm With Jesus
02/04/10 Things about the writing challenge that make you go "Grrr"
01/27/10 My wild golden girl
01/20/10 A missionary in Morocco
12/02/09 The Brown Mark
11/24/09 Even Halloween is Yours
11/14/09 On the Big Yellow School Bus
11/11/09 Lyla's Purple Hat
10/31/09 Transitional Fight
10/26/09 How Jade met Emerald
10/20/09 Little Black
10/09/09 The Dark Blue Room

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title
12/09/11 Shattered and Yet, Restored

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
04/12/2013 Faith Takes, Doubts a Lie.
04/12/2013 Persistant Love is Contagious
04/07/2013 We stand and cancer goes
01/07/2013 The Tunnel
01/07/2013 Deceived and Restored
01/04/2013 I "Member ya Kind Heart
01/04/2013 A Charished Love
01/03/2013 Don't be Weary in Doing Good
01/09/2012 Finding our Purpose in His Love
01/08/2012 A Writer's Job Well Done
01/07/2012 My Reader, My Love
01/06/2012 An Intruder's Surprise
01/06/2012 Counting The Stars
01/06/2012 Mercy's Cry
11/15/2009 Awake, for He Calls
11/07/2009 He Cares
11/04/2009 Regret's Warning
10/30/2009 Bitter Sweet Memories of Him
06/05/2009 What Benefit a Marriage Bible Study is.