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Name: Tracy Nunes 
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Articles written: 84

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I use to think the answers were simple, the rules to follow obvious and the outcome assured if I got it right. Being married for 29 years to my best friend Richard, raising my kids and sifting through the avalanches of life have taught me that even the little I knew is questionable. What I do know is that Jesus saved me from myself, my sin and my need to be someone I'm not for the comfort of others. I want to write about Him in an authentic way, with genuine feelings and outcomes...even if they are messy. When I read the Bible I see that Scripture doesn't always wrap things up with a pretty bow. I write with that reality in mind and Godís glory at heart.
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
07/21/12 Opportunity Knocks on Unexpected Doors 450 Not For Sale
03/28/11 The Dance 524 Free to Share
03/16/11 Mornings with Katherine and Sadie 576 Free to Share
03/16/11 His Heavy Hand of Opportunity 558 Free to Share
03/08/11 Jesus Wept 565 Free to Share
03/08/11 The Boy, The Mountain and The Other Side 627 Free to Share
02/03/11 Santeria 737 Free to Share
01/03/11 Empty Nest or Empty Nets? 487 Free to Share
01/03/11 True Love 589 Free to Share
12/28/10 God, What Were You Thinking? 473 Free to Share
11/11/10 Empty Nest or Empty Nets? 470 Free to Share
10/17/10 Saying Goodbye and Saying Hello 460 Free to Share
10/17/10 Missions Reevaluated and Missions Accomplished 528 Free to Share
10/17/10 A River Runs Through It 496 Free to Share
10/17/10 True Love 633 Free to Share
10/09/10 A Truth Sandwich 583 Free to Share
10/09/10 Saying Goodbye and Saying Hello 547 Free to Share
10/06/10 Being Genuine 1280 Free to Share
10/05/10 Can I Be Honest? 652 Free to Share
10/04/10 Joy Like a Creeping Vine 478 Free to Share
10/04/10 Offer a Hand of Wholeness 507 Free to Share
10/04/10 The Pool Attendant 502 Free to Share
10/04/10 Learning to Stand - Revelation in the Forest Part II 503 Free to Share
10/04/10 Change is in the Wind 492 Free to Share
10/02/10 I want to Be a Swinger 717 Free to Share
10/02/10 Learning to Sit and Sing - Revelation in the Forest Part I 717 Free to Share
10/02/10 The Boy, The Mountain and the Other Side 712 Not For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
07/08/15 Foreign to Me
12/03/14 Butterflies Unbound
11/26/14 Unexpected Tutor
11/05/14 Terminal 7
10/27/14 Deadly Details
10/22/14 Elckor's Light
10/08/14 White Girl in a Brown World
09/17/14 Rain
06/11/14 Legions
05/29/14 Entwined
05/14/14 Eyewitness
05/01/14 Fully Synchronized
04/24/14 Gated Prisons
04/16/14 Just Compensation for the Tool
04/09/14 Palmed Vessel
02/11/14 Washed Out Roads
09/09/13 With a Stroke of His Hand
08/29/13 Danger and Truth in the Night Garden
07/17/13 Unburied Treasures
05/08/13 The Burning River
05/01/13 Falling
04/23/13 Massive Increase!
04/17/13 Joy Boogers
04/10/13 Droplets to the Four Winds
02/19/13 A Turning
02/06/13 The Pahu
07/19/12 The Smell of Memories
02/29/12 Hope Renewed
02/22/12 It's Never Been Done
02/15/12 Two Crosses
02/08/12 Angel Unexpected
01/30/12 The Curtain Fell
11/15/11 Ear Plugs
10/31/11 Settled
10/19/11 Ancient of Days
09/13/11 Manna in the Madness
09/06/11 A Fresh Wind
08/24/11 The Ladies Club
07/13/11 Paths and Whispers
06/15/11 Brought Back From Near Extinction
06/06/11 Point of View
05/28/11 Pitiful Companions
05/23/11 Not Good Enough
05/17/11 Fade to Silent
05/10/11 Creating God
05/01/11 The Misadventures of the Wayward Locks
04/27/11 Muriel and Mabel
04/18/11 How Many First Times Are There?
04/13/11 Little Wigglers
02/27/11 Mornings with Katherine and Sadie
02/18/11 Hickory Dickory Rock
02/15/11 Homeward Bound
02/08/11 Shadow Warfare
01/30/11 Personal Malpractice
01/22/11 Henry Jack
01/17/11 Cleared for Take Off
01/07/11 His Heavy Hand of Opportunity

Critique Circle Postings
Date Title

Date Title

Free Reprint Articles
Date Title
04/22/2011 The Left Side
04/21/2011 Little Wigglers
03/28/2011 The Daddy Dance
03/25/2011 The Final Act
03/21/2011 Hickory Dickory Rock
03/21/2011 Mornings with Katherine and Sadie
03/21/2011 His Heavy Hand of Opportunity
03/21/2011 Cleared For Take Off
03/21/2011 Henry Jack
03/21/2011 Shadow Warfare
01/18/2011 Building My Dream Home
01/18/2011 Driving the Lonely Road
01/18/2011 Romance at the Bookstore
01/18/2011 True Love
01/13/2011 The Pool Attendant
01/13/2011 Joy Like A Creeping Vine
01/05/2011 Empty Nest or Empty Nets?