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Name: Rachel Burkum
Website: rachelburkum.com
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Articles written: 97

 About Self
Though born and partially raised in New York state, I'm now in southwest Iowa where I work full-time for a non-profit Christian ministry. Writing is my main passion, and I have several published books that include novels, a collection of shorter writings and a writer's guide. Aside from writing, I'm a student and 2nd Degree Black Belt in the martial art of Taekwondo. I love flower gardening, photography and crafts. Two cats are my "children," though I love a variety of animals. If you'd like to read a complete bio or my personal testimony, check out my website.

Nickname on the FaithWriters Message Board: Wrider
Article Archives
Date Title Views Status
01/04/12 A Dangerous Love 527 Not For Sale
11/29/11 Dinosaurs in the Sky 612 Not For Sale
05/22/11 The Wind 349 Not For Sale
03/26/11 Kind of Like 377 Free to Share
02/17/11 The Path 388 Not For Sale
01/29/11 Collage of Seasons 589 Not For Sale
01/03/11 Change of a Heart's Scenery 415 Not For Sale
01/03/11 Real Family 458 Not For Sale
01/03/11 More Than Just a Pond 369 Not For Sale
05/28/10 Sounds of Color 585 Not For Sale
04/15/10 Between the Drops of Rain 687 Not For Sale
05/17/09 From the Deep 583 Not For Sale
01/09/08 Hearts That See 895 Free to Share
09/23/07 Miscellaneous Stories 914 Free to Share
08/13/07 Life is a Box 701 Free to Share
05/29/07 The Printer 790 Free to Share
12/09/05 There's So Much More To It Than That 753 Free to Share
11/17/05 From a Baby to a Savior 810 Free to Share
10/28/05 Hearts Consumed 706 Not For Sale
10/28/05 What if it Happened Today 934 Not For Sale
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Challenge Articles
Date Title
02/06/12 Undeniable Outrage
02/01/12 Lifesaving Iced Tea
01/25/12 Reflective Spat
01/17/12 Aaron
01/07/12 The Doorstep, Peter and Me
01/25/11 The Attic
08/04/10 The Scent of a Memory
07/28/10 I Want
06/16/10 Too Great for Words
06/07/10 Take Me There
05/28/10 The Greatest Editor
10/28/09 Dreaming of Green
09/15/09 My Childish Pity-Fest
09/07/09 Sanctuary Shenanigans
09/02/09 God's-eye View
08/23/09 The Experience of a Lifetime
08/19/09 Shhh...
07/07/09 Rocking Chairs
06/10/09 It's Time
06/03/09 Mary's Tears
05/27/09 Brushstrokes
05/17/09 Faces
05/13/09 The Day Evil and Righteousness Met
05/02/09 God's Breath
04/29/09 Crimson Raindrop
04/22/09 The Composition
04/15/09 Aunt Emma's English
04/03/09 Glorious Hilltop
09/16/08 And the Last Shall be First
08/27/08 Not Yet, Kate
08/21/08 Just a Game
08/13/08 Counting to Eternity
08/06/08 Weapon of Mass Destruction
07/30/08 Misplaced Concentration
07/22/08 Unexpected Voice
12/12/07 We
12/06/07 Castles, Dungeons and Other Deadly Things
11/28/07 A Tale of Four Kittens
11/14/07 Thwarted
11/07/07 Hindsight
10/31/07 It's Jesus
10/25/07 And God Smiled
10/17/07 War Within
10/08/07 Praise Born of Sorrow
09/16/07 Gramma's Patience
09/11/07 Snow Angels
09/04/07 Dancing with Integrity
08/27/07 I Had to Say Yes
08/21/07 But...Why?
08/07/07 A New Anger
07/31/07 No More to Weep
07/11/07 Confidence at Its Best
06/09/07 No
06/04/07 First Grade Conversation With God
05/27/07 Repentance Bridge
09/11/06 A Creation of God
09/04/06 Unexpected Rescue
08/28/06 My Melody, My Comforter
08/20/06 I am a Cross
08/14/06 The Legacy of Grace
08/08/06 New Vision
07/29/06 The Beginning of the End
07/22/06 I Heard a Walk
07/15/06 What Would You Give?
07/08/06 A God-Driven "180"
01/25/06 Order in the Court
01/17/06 From Beginning to Start
01/02/06 A Heavenly Escape
11/29/05 Nothing to Write
11/21/05 Entangled Heart
11/11/05 Worth a Thousand Words
11/04/05 Making a... Noise
10/30/05 Soap Won't Do
10/20/05 Raindrops from God
10/06/05 Shaped by God
09/17/05 And God Sent a Motel
09/10/05 The Ship

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