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What a message!
This is very good. A wake up call to many Christians out there... even me... :(
Well done!
This is a wonderful story, I like the way it is poised. So many Christians fail to realize the truth of themselves. Thank you.
A marvelous, modern "take" on Jonah and Ninevah. I don't think you need to worry about it coming off as a "gay rights" piece. It did just what you intended it to do--focus on your protagonist and her need to obey. Nicely done.
Karen, I think you've done a great job tackling this prejudice! Your character is very realistic, and the message can easily be applied to other prejudices.
Wow, this helps me understand Jonah a little more... Great peice! Well done.
I'm thinking there's probably a lot of modern-day Jonah's: "Give me a mission field Lord, but may they all be just like me!" I agree with other comments - it does not come across as 'gay rights' but highlights all the more strongly our own prejudices. I doubt anything else would have been able to portray your message as well.
As usual, extremely well written and held my concentration to the end. Well done!
Very good! We certainly have to avoid that judgement mind set and "eat with sinners." Great story!
God came to save everyone who was lost not just certain people. We as Christians must remember that. Good story!
Yup, openly Gay people can really rock the socks of some Christians and we fail to see they, too, need Jesus. Lots of prejudices we fail to see and deal with. You’ve written this in a non-judgmental and thought provoking way. Love your character! Wonder what the neighbours thought of her tantrum? Yeggy
Nice twist on the topic -I thought I saw a bit of Jonah in there (we recently watched the Veggie Tales version lol)
I liked the way you did this too, and I would also love an apartment with a wisteria climbing up it (if I were single).
CONGRATULATIONS Karen!!!!! And this is excellent. I can totally identify with the main character - could easily think the same ways.
Terrific piece ... awesome reminder of misplaced values we all struggle with, at least I do. Congratulations.