The Official Writing Challenge
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Great list of tips for the writer. Too much verbiage, though (I sort of got lost in each suggestion). Hardest thing of all, for me, is to write more concisely. Thanks for putting so much thought into this piece. We can all glean something from it, for sure!
You obviously put much thought into your article. However, long statements lose their effectiveness. Consider using succinct words to have greater impact with the audience.
This must have taken a lot of thought and time - very clever spelling out commitment and elaborating points on each.

I enjoyed it...It would go well in our church bulletin, or in a Christian workshop booklet. Nice job.

God Bless~
Nice. I've never seen acrostic poetry used in an entry before. A bit "wordy", but I like the idea. Good job.
What a mouthful of meaningful musings minus the mundane monotone of nonmusical misgivings!

Truly inspirational and quite right (write) on.
A lot of effort went into this one, but it paid off! Excellent piece and loved the acrostic style. Good job! God bless!