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I like your double meaning of "election". Am wondering if this is a true story? Illustrates what we see in our culture with Tim Tebow's overt proclamation of Christ and how people either love him or hate him (personally, I think he is great!). There is often a price to pay for declaring our commitment to Christ, as you have shown in your story.
Nice story. I especially like the ending where the character proclaimed what was in his heart - regardless if elected or not.
Beautiful job with this! Profound commentary on society today.

I loved the ending...Nice job and good story.

God Bless~
Well done. A very timely article, in light of this being an election year. The subject of committment and the cost there of was well addressed. The piece held my attention and I enjoyed the first person style. You were missing a comma here and there; but other than that---well done!
Loved the story, loved the message. I enjoyed your phrasing, and felt you nailed the description of a hallow life filled with 'plastic adoration.'
Wow! This really engages the reader. I, too, wondered if it was a true story! Commitment usually costs us something - time, emotions, etc, but it cost your MC an election. Good writing! God bless!
An excellent piece and an enjoyable read. The last sentence in your story speaks it all. True to what you have written, I know of several public figures who lose their votes or popularity when they declare their faith publicly. This may be a sacrifice to some, but the value of knowing Christ Jesus as Lord far outweighs everything else (Philippians 3:7-8). Here's a message well conveyed for all of us to examine where our commitment lies. Well done!