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Powerful message, no holds barred delivery. Your heart for the unborn rings loud and clear. May God use you greatly to save thousands of tiny HUMANS. Thank you for challenging me to do the same.
Great message, great arguments. The only edit I would suggest is to delet the entire third paragraph beginning, "Modern day slavery..." because this is the point I found myself skimming over because I was anxious to know what wat the name of the group you are hinting about. If some of this paragraph is absolutely necessary, I would incorporate some of it farther down.

Loved the use of the term 'Human'. So poignant. Loved your passion.
Passionate, consuming, and an emotional read. Nicely done, and I applaud your conviction and your beliefs. God Bless you~
Sobering read; a serious subject well approached. My only suggestion is that you had gotten to the 'main' thought sooner. Good read, but my eyeballs started skipping ahead, looking for what the article was talking about. Well done, your passion was evident and well used.
Kudos! This brought tears to my eyes!Powerful message! Keep the fight! Thanks for sharing! God bless you! I hope this places well!
This is a passionate plea. You did a great job stating your beliefs and backing them up with examples. I see the commitment in your piece on several levels. I like when people successfully show the topic from different POV. I do wonder if some may wonder if it was spot-on topic. However, I did and I think you wrote a wonderful piece. Congratulations for ranking 7th in level three!
As a decades-long pro-life proponent, I am thrilled with this article. And, I like the term "abolitionist" because it carries a message from history, of people like Wilberforce and Bonhoffer and the committment that energized their lives. I think we must be kindred spirits - are you on facebook, by any chance? I'd love to be your friend :) This also goes in my favorites!