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OH Wow. What is scary is that it was only after a few sentences I suspected this was NOT a true account? Too many things are going on that made this totally believable at first! Great piece. Superior creativity! Yes, "Let us pray."!!
As we speak, some of us "faithwriter's" have boarded a ship to you from the "States." You writing as always is believable/convincing enough, so please don't tell us it was all a ruse.

Your faith writing Brother.
Interesting, imaginative, but a bit unbelievable for me, sorry. But I commend your desire to help us all appreciate our freedom to write and speak the truth, so far anyway. This reminds me of a Ted Dekker book I'm reading right now, "Sinner". Who knows what we may have to face in the future? But thankfully, we know the end of the story! :)
I applaud you and this story. Very creative, very well done and most definitely very believable. My heartache is for those who do not yet see the writing on the wall with what is currently in place. However...believing in the prayers of all of us for our country to return to God!
Sometimes all you can say is "Wow!" and another Wow.
Now THAT is thinking outside the proverbial box. It sent chills up and down my spine. Incredibly imaginative and spell-binding.