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Oh, this is great. I especially liked the lines set apart from the main poem. Love it.
I really enjoyed this poem! I especially loved the very specific and colorful descriptions of the individuals the narrator helped over the years (especially Mr. Horace in the nursing home who thought he was riding in a 747 jet!).

The message is beautiful, and one gets a clear impression of the elderly narrator's faith and selflessness--but this is all brought most to life by the way each person described is brought to life. Great job!
I too especially like the lines set apart. Good job!
This is very nice and kudos to you for your spirit of volunteerism. I also enjoyed Mr. Horace and his room number. Nice work.
You used nice description and the poem read smoothly.
I could "see" throughout the poem.

You know what I mean.
Like everyone else, I also liked the part about the 747, but my favorite part was at the end. I liked how you showed her aged and now having someone else sweeping her porch as she had done for others. It made it feel like her life had come full circle, but then you snuck in her reading to the blind to show she wasn't done volunteering yet. Nice touch. :)
I enjoyed reading about the different ways the lady volunteered throughout her life and about the various people she helped along the way!
Ditto everyone.
I enjoyed reading about the life and heart of this true volunteer. Well done.
Love how you formatted this - and, of course, the wonderful message. Nice job!
This really communicates your sweet, sweet spirit. Lovely.
I so enjoyed this very endearing poem. I chuckled at: “Sorry,…I’m just a volunteer” and felt a tug of my heartstrings at: “Yesterday, I turned seventy five.” Very sweet and nicely done.
This is really beautiful. Thank you so much for this wonderful view of what it means to volunteer.
This is such an endearing poem. It was also pleasing to the eye and easy to follow. I felt the sweetest spirit intertwined through each stanza. Thank you for writing this:-)
Very, very nice job!! I liked the format, enjoyed the writing and was ministered to by the message. God bless.
It was refreshing to read an entry about someone who really wanted to, and enjoyed, being a volunteer instead of tring to get out of it! Great job!

I loved the format too but I also liked the flow and the whole story in poetry. Kudos to ya!
Nice poem. My favorite line was the 745...airline volunteer.
Great job! I hardly read poetry but this one hooked me! lived it:)
Loved this-so cute and very touching,the flow was great.
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