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What a great reminder. Guilty here - not so much tv, but I could substitue computer for that. Love your analogy to the idling Indy race. Step on the gas and throw into gear! I can associate with the "sluggard" verse too much. Gives me a little gnaw in my gut every time I read it. Thanks for writing this well needed article!
A very earnest call to action. You express your opinion very well. Good work!
"Oops .. I did it again!" those lyrics go through my mind every time I'm a sluggard! I was convicted .. in a nice manner!

It's so true that being a slugard makes you feel more "sluggish".

I liked the way you wrote this commentary. I thought the humor was a good touch as in " Is my voice getting shrill?" That was great.

Loved it!
I agree completely, my children think I'm mean when I say no more tv, but they have so much more fun doing projects or just playing together. Well written, I liked it.
I, too, think this is well written. I believe, however, that we can't put all people into one category. There are people who are grateful for a little TV. This could be shut-ins, recently bereaved, or very ill. I'm sure there are others that I'm missing in this category. Before my husband passed away, there was practically nothing that could hold his interest. Old re-runs gave him some enjoyment in his battle with Alzheimer's. While I agree that many of us could do more, I don't agree that TV is all evil. Thanks for writing. Your opinion came through loud and clear.