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I started reading, couldn't stop, and at no point did I want to. Great work, great lesson, and a joy to read. Sincerely,
Dan Blankenship

Very well-done, and also leaves with us a life lesson.
This story kept a lump in my throat right till the end. It was an eye opener on how as we ignor the voice of God, it seems to just go away after a while. Regret is a terrible thing. Well written and exciting to read. God Bless! Constance
Powerful message. God always warns us of danger, unfortunately we sometimes drown out his voice by our rebellion.
Very good, and a strong Amen. Very well written. The imagry was portrayed very well. I saw and felt that inner voice as he walked into danger. Keep writing.
Wow! EXcellent writing. Very well done!
That was well written. I'm impressed. Good reminder to listen to that inner voice...and also to our wife!
Good work! I especially liked the last line.
Wow! Congratulations! Well done. Well written. Succinct, creative, accurate. I have nothing to say but well done! Loved it, loved it, loved it!
Very compelling! Awesome job of keeping the suspence/interest going!
Good article indeed and a good lesson on being watchful for that RED LIGHT!
A very gripping read. The pace and dialogue was good and I could really "hear" that inner voice. Excellent ending with a great message. Look forward to reading more of your work :)
This is a wonderfully put warning to be aware of the snares that satan lies in your path on a daily basis.
Well Done!
The hardest thing in the world for me to do is write a short story that means something, much less leaves the reader silent, their mouth agape. But that is exactly how I found myself after reading "Where Evil Treads." This is a powerful story that shows us (my interpretation) how God brings us back to Him, even though it may be too late to save ourselves in our own pitiful lives. Whatever the outcome for the character in this story, he learned a very, very hard lesson, and forever will be changed. Nice imagery, too. I could see where the character was driving, what the neighborhood looked like, and the kind of woman whom he found. The only critique I would give you is that the dialogue was a bit stilted. But then again, I only know that because my own work is stilted. Nice job! Please keep writing!
Well done,that's a really clever way of putting a message across.I could have read on!
Wow! I really enjoyed that article. I hear those voices a lot. Then again, I think it's my sister speaking reason to me. She's the voice of reason in our family. I've learned to listen. Excellent story; two thumbs up!
You are truly gifted! Once I started reading, I was compelled to keep going. The only thing I found disappointing was the very end. I almost felt as though you were in a hurry to wrap it up... which you may have been considering the word count we must adhere to! Awesome job though.
Powerful message, may we all listen and obey that still small voice within. Great story, well written!
Congrats on being highly commended this week. Awesome job!

May the Lord continue to guide your quill as you write to glorify HIM!
Congratulations on your Highly Commended! This was my favorite beginners "walk" entry.

Way to go!