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Fabulous entry. I really enjoyed reading this.
Thank you for sharing. I have felt this way myself. Actually, this article reminded me that I am feeling old man Thornseed a little right now. God will never give us more than we can bear.
Don't you EVER give up! I have been feeling a lot of the things that you wrote about and I give glory to God that I read you're article tonight. If you need help, you've got it at your fingertips. Great article. "Write" On. Pauly
I like the message very much.
a thing to remember ... there is always a place for us to come back home and restart all over again ... Harvesters are in great need.
Very well written, but what makes this piece work is the honesty. Perhaps God blew those seeds over to that derelict piece of land as a way to reach you? A timely message. God bless.
Beautifully done; you are warm and witty in the first few paragraphs and you lead us into the same emotions that you experienced in your journey of self-discovery. Masterful. I really don't think you need the last paragraph; you did such a good job in the essay that your readers certainly "get it."
"We do not have to be blown into the thorn bushes. Just be still for a moment. They will slowly creep up one by one all around right where you stand." This is just one of the examples of BRILLIANCE in this article. And there are many.

I don't quite "get" this part: "Needless to say I did not waste time donning the knee pads. Nor did I stand until I was sure old man Thornseed was dead."

But all in all, this is a FABULOUS entry - I'm calling it a winner!
A huge congratulations on your commendation Larry. Well done and God bless.
Larry, congratulations on your Highly Commended Award. You also ranked 15th overall - that's out of a total of 145 entries, so be encouraged! You mixed just the right amount of light humor into your entry to make it easy for the reader to take the strong message. Well done.

With love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)