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Enjoyable personification story and a unique perspective on fathers! I liked reading this.
From the Title to the end...I loved it! So very creative and has a moral also...about all living things being created by God. A lovely, fascinating and delightful story that I'll remember for a long time. Thanks for the View From Up High! Great job!
The story of the imaginative dad was quite charming.

It's probably just personal preference, but I think the story would have been stronger without the tree bit. At first, it just confused me, and then when I realized the narrator was a tree, I tried to figure out why.

Without the tree framework, you could develop the other characters more...just a thought. Your writing is very good!
I loved the POV of the tree. Very creative.
Very clever! You always get me thinking with your entries Bill. You infuse a lot of creativity into each piece you write.

I enjoyed this very much. Thank you for sharing it.
This is so creative. Excellent descriptions and I loved that one of God's creations told the story, wasn't expecting it. A very enjoyable read. Great job!
Bill, I loved this delightfully creative story, including the old oak's POV. Perhaps I am just an over-grown kid. :-)
The two things I drew from this, which you may or may not have intended, were these.:
Only when no other people are watching, is the true nature of a father's character revealed.
No other creation of God is uniquely gifted to have the opportunity of special parent/child relationships as humans are.
You even made me feel sad for the tree's longing at the end.
Hi Bill: I read this last week and enjoyed it very much and re-read it several times. My opinion you may have a good chilren's series here. I followed it well right from the start. What an amazing idea to tell a story from the tree's persective. Great insights and I guess I love children and trees. Thank you for sharing and Good luck.