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Wow, she's definitely someone that I'd avoid.

Take a look at your capitalization and punctuation of dialogue. For example:

“Document, document, document.” She tersely added. should be “Document, document, document,” she tersely added. Note the comma and the lower case "s".

Great play on words in the title!
Very good title. I got a little bit confused at this paragraph:
He nodded. She continued, “I’ve seen her yell at others. Since it was in my office, I knew you could go to your office. Once you closed the door, she’d know the so-called conversation was over. I’m sorry you had to experience her fury so soon.” Taylor had only been in the department for three weeks.

Not sure what you were trying to say. Sorry, it is probably just me. This has a very good message to it. Keep on writing.
Dialogue realistic. Thank goodness your MC responded as he did or they might both have ended up in Anger Management. :)
Some could say, "Been there, done... well, maybe not." Perhaps a few noses have already been cut off, hmmm?