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What a wonderful tribute to Aunt Sally! I suspect there are thousands and thousands like her, touching young lives.
Aunt Sally is probably part of the reason you are who you are today. She sounds precious.
I, too, had an Aunt Sally (except her name was Gladys) at my church when I was a kid. Thanks for stirring some precious memories for me. Nicely done.
I think we all had an Aunt Sally in our lives! I'm sure she did help to shape you. One thing I noticed, since you said you wanted some helpful comments: I noticed a few repetitious words. I'm trying to watch that in my own writing -- probably why it stood out to me. This is a very good entry. Keep on writing!
You write well, so you should definitely continue to pursue it. The only comment I have is the one already mentioned, some words are repetitious which is a little distracting. But definitely keep writing!
I like especially how you showed Aunt Sally's love through her actions and words. Just a suggestion--If you'll read your story aloud, you'll catch the repetition of words.
Thank God for the Aunt Sally's who have taught Sunday school throughout the years!! A very nice tribute to those faithful believers.
Very sweet story -- the candy part made me smile.

Your writing is good, and I would have liked to see this expanded a little. Maybe with a few more specific memories or stories.

Nice job.